50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with R for the Modern, Proud Mama

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Hey mom-to-be! Choosing a name for your baby boy? Dive into our exciting list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with R. We’ve curated these unique, melodious names that carry the richness of Celtic heritage, perfect for your little miracle.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with R

From artists to actors, Celtic boy names starting with ‘R’ have adorned many influential figures. Ryan Reynolds, the charismatic actor known for his quick wit, carries a Celtic name meaning ‘little king’. Renowned author R.L. Stine, whose first name Robert is of Celtic origin, has delighted children with his literary creations. Let these notable figures inspire you as you choose the perfect name for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RiordanReardan, RordanRoyal poet
2. RyanRian, RyonLittle king
3. RoryRuairí, RoreyRed king
4. RossRos, RossePromontory or headland
5. RonanRonin, RonynLittle seal
6. RoderickRodrick, RodrikFamous power
7. RuaidhriRory, RoriRed king
8. RagnorRagnar, RagnerAdvice, or counsel
9. ReaganRegan, RaeganLittle king
10. RedmondRedmund, RedmandProtector or advisor
11. ReginaldReginaldo, ReinaldPower, ruler
12. RhettRhet, RhetePassionate, speaker
13. RichardRiccardo, RyszardStrong in rule
14. RobertRoberto, RobértBright fame
15. RolandRolando, RolanFamous throughout the land
16. ReubenReuban, RouvinBehold, a son
17. RolfRolfe, RolafFame, wolf
18. RomeoRoméo, RomioPilgrim to Rome
19. RonaldRonaldo, RónánRules with counsel
20. RourkeRuark, RourkFamous ruler
21. RussellRussel, RussRedhead, fox-colored
22. RylanRilan, RylunIsland meadow
23. RandalRandel, RandlWolf shield
24. ReillyRiley, RyleyCourageous
25. ReynoldRenold, ReyboldAdvisor, ruler
26. RadcliffeRadcliff, RadclyfFrom the red cliff
27. RaffertyRaffertie, RafferdyProsperity wielder
28. RainierRanier, ReinierDeciding warrior
29. RalphRalf, RalpheWolf counsel
30. RamseyRamsay, RamsiGarlic Island
31. RandolphRendolph, RandolfShield wolf
32. RaoulRaul, RallWolf counsel
33. RaphaelRafaël, RafayelGod has healed
34. RayRae, RayeEnlightened
35. RaymondRamón, RaimondProtector
36. RedRedd, ReedRed-haired
37. ReedReid, RiidRed-haired
38. ReeseRees, RhysEnthusiasm
39. RegisRegi, ReggieKing
40. ReidarReider, RîdarWarrior’s son
41. ReinhardReinhart, ReynardStrong judgment
42. ReubenRubin, RubenBehold, a son
43. RexRecks, RekxKing
44. RhysReese, ReisEnthusiasm
45. RichmondRichmon, RichmndPowerful protector
46. RidleyRidly, RidleeReed clearing
47. RigbyRigbi, RigbeeRuler’s valley
48. RileyReilly, RylieRye clearing
49. RistonRyston, RistnFrom the brushwood farm
50. RiverRivr, RivverStream of water

Thank you for journeying through our list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with R. Choosing a name is no small feat, but we hope this list has inspired and guided you in your quest. Remember, each name carries its own melody and story – just like your little one will. Continue to explore our other baby name idea lists on our site for more inspiration on this wonderful journey of naming.

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