Beginning with Love: 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with O

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a thrilling journey. Our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with O will surely inspire you, offering a blend of traditional culture, uniqueness, and deep-rooted meaning.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with O

From artists to athletes, many illustrious individuals carry Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with O. Grammy winner Olivia Newton-John, famed author Octavia Butler, and renowned actress Olivia Colman all proudly bear Celtic names starting with O, illuminating their rich heritage in bright lights.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OrlaOrlagh, OrliGolden princess
OdhranOran, OdhrainLittle pale green one
OonaUna, OonaghLamb
OrlaithOrla, OrlaghGolden sovereign
OmaOmah, OmayLife giver
OlwenOlwyn, OlwennWhite footprint
OifaOifah, OífeBeauty, radiance
OrfhlaithOrflaith, OrfhlaitheGolden princess
OrlinaOrlena, OrlindaGold
OdianaOdianna, OdianeMelody
OranOrin, OranaLight
OlinaOlenah, OlenaJoyous
OginOgina, OginahWild rose
OrlanthaOrlantha, OralynthaQueen of all lands
OrliniaOrlinya, OrlineaFrom the East
OrlenciaOrlensya, OrlensiaFrom the East
OrleniaOrlenya, OrlaniyaFrom the East
OrindaOrinda, OrindahHarp
OrabellaOrbella, OrbellahBeautiful golden child
OrlaissaOrlaisa, OrlyssaGolden lass
OrlanceOrlynce, OrlancFrom the east
OradellaOradell, OradellaPrayerful
OrlanthaOrlandtha, OrlanthahQueen of all lands
OrlisaOrlissa, OrlisahGolden maiden
OrlenaOrlenah, OrlanaGold
OrlynaOrlyna, OrlynahFrom the east
OrindaOrindah, OrindiaHarp
OrloniaOrlonya, OrloniahFrom the east
OrlyndaOrlyndah, OrlyndiaFrom the east
OrabeaOrabeah, OrabeyaGolden woman
OrlindaOrlindah, OrlindiaFrom the east
OrlbellaOrbelah, OrlabellaBeautiful golden child
OdhranetteOdhranet, OdhranetaLittle green one
OrlindiaOrlindiah, OrlindiyaFrom the east
OrphlaithOrphlaithe, OrphlaitGolden sovereign
OrlaraOrlarah, OrlariaGolden princess
OdaraOdarah, OdariaMelody
OrladellOrladelle, OrladelaPrayerful
OrlitaOrlitah, OrlitiaLittle golden one
OrlunaOrluna, OrlunahLike the moon
OrlaroseOrlarosie, OrlarosiaGolden rose
OrlarunaOrlarunah, OrlaruniaGolden moon
OdhraniraOdhranirah, OdhraniriaGreen song
OrlabeaOrlabeah, OrlabeyaGolden woman
OrlaunaOrlaunah, OrlauniaGolden dawn
OrlanoraOrlanorah, OrlanoriaGolden light

Thanks for letting us be part of your exciting journey in finding the perfect name for your little girl. We hope our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with O provided you with inspiration and guidance. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Spark your imagination further and explore more of our baby name idea lists to find the perfect name that resonates deeply with you and your growing family.

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