50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with N: Names with a Nostalgic Twist

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Hey there, future super mom! If you’re on the hunt for a baby name starting with the letter ‘N’, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore together a list of 50 Celtic baby girl names that blend tradition, uniqueness, and a touch of charm!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with N

Beneath our love for names like Niamh, a renowned Irish poet, Niamh Cusack, has captivated audiences with her enthralling performances. Nola, another enchanting Celtic name, reminds us of Nola Fairbanks, the influential American actress. These names not only carry the Celtic heritage but also resonate with the strength and charisma of their bearers.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NiamhNeve, NieveBright, Radiant
NaraNairah, NahraContented
NolaNolah, NolaghFamous, Noble
NaiaNayia, NyaFlowing
NualaNula, NuallaWhite Shoulders
NoleneNoline, NolenChampion
NainsiNancy, NanceyGrace
NornaNornah, NorrnaBorn under the Northern Star
NerysNeris, NericeNoblewoman
NeilaNila, NeelaChampion
NessaNessah, NessyPure, Gentle
NonnaNona, NonahNinth
NitaNeeta, NitahPlant
NaraNarah, NahraHappy
NairneNairn, NayrneDweller by the Alder tree
NessNessie, NesPromontory, Headland
NinnianeNiniane, NinianneLady of the Lake
NieveNieva, NiveaSnowy, Snow-like
NairnaNairnah, NairnnaPlace of Alders
NiambhNiambe, NiambBeauty, Brightness
NadineNadene, NadinaCourage of a Bear
NereenNerene, NeereenNoble
NeldaNelda, NeldahChampion
NeridaNeridah, NeredaSea nymph
NealeNeel, NealleChampion
NaoisNaoise, NoisMythical Warrior
NairiNairy, NairrieLand of Canyons
NellNelle, NellieShining Light
NoreneNoreen, NoreenaHonor
NealaNealah, NeelaRuler
NaviaNaviah, NaviyaBeautiful, Lovely
NettaNettah, NetaPlant
NolanNoland, NolanaNoble
NitaNitah, NytahBear
NolanaNolanah, NollandFrom the Noble One
NevinaNevinah, NeveenaHoly, Sacred
NessaNessah, NessyPure
NoreenNoreena, NoreeneLight
NubiaNubiah, NubiyaGold
NiranNirane, NirahEternal
NiobeNiobee, NiobeyFern
NerisNeriss, NericeNoble
NarelleNarella, NarellySea nymph
NeryssaNerysa, NerissaSea nymph
NiraNira, NirahPloughed field
NaidaNaidah, NaydaWater Nymph
NeimaNeimah, NaymaPleasant
NedraNedrah, NediraProsperous, Successful

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through Celtic baby girl names beginning with N! Choosing your baby’s name is a significant and joyous task, and we hope our list has inspired you. Don’t forget to explore our site for more charming and unique baby name ideas. Happy naming!

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