50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Navigate the Name Game

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Choosing a name for your little one is like uncovering a treasure chest of possibilities. Dive into our curated list of ’50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with N’ and discover names with deep roots and inspiring meanings.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, bears a Celtic name beginning with ‘N’. Niall of the Nine Hostages, a legendary Irish king, showcases the strength and prestige associated with these names. Neil Gaiman, a renowned author, carries on this rich tradition of noteworthy namesakes.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NaoisNaos, NaisMythical Warrior
2. NaomhanNaomh, NavenSaint, holy
3. NaoiseNaise, NaoisiMythical Warrior
4. NealNeale, NeilChampion
5. NeartNearta, NearteStrength
6. NeasanNeason, NeasName of a saint
7. NedNeddy, NeddWealthy guardian
8. NeillNeil, NiallChampion
9. NelNell, NelsCloud
10. NiallNiell, NihalChampion
11. NiallanNiallen, NialanCloud
12. NicNick, NickyPeople’s victory
13. NicholNichols, NickolPeople’s victory
14. NidhugNidhog, NidhoggMythical dragon
15. NioclasNicholas, NicolasPeople’s victory
16. NisienNysien, NeisenMythical son of Euroswydd
17. NixNixie, NixyWater sprite
18. NixenNixon, NixunWater sprite
19. NoeNoie, NoeyRest, comfort
20. NoelNowell, NoellChristmas
21. NolanNolen, NolinFamous, noble
22. NomNommy, NommieFrom the meadow
23. NonusNonas, NonisThe ninth
24. NorberahtNorbert, NorberetBright north
25. NorbertoNorbert, NorberetoBright north
26. NormanNormen, NormonMan from the north
27. NormandNormant, NormandoMan from the north
28. NortinNorton, NortynFrom the north town
29. NortunNorton, NortynFrom the north town
30. NorvelNorvell, NorvylFrom the north town
31. NorvilleNorvill, NorvyllFrom the north town
32. NorvinNorven, NorvynFriend from the north
33. NorwardNorwerd, NorwurdNorth guard
34. NorwelNorwell, NorwylFrom the north spring
35. NorwinNorwen, NorwynFriend from the north
36. NorwoodNorwode, NorwudFrom the north forest
37. NorwynNorwen, NorwunFriend from the north
38. NotkerNotkor, NotkurNoted spear
39. NuadaNuadha, NuaduMythical name
40. NuddNud, NodMythical son of Senyllt
41. NuaduNuada, NuadhaMythical name
42. NyeNie, NaiIsland
43. NyleNile, NylChampion
44. NyneveNynieve, NynyveName of a knight
45. NaoimhNaomha, NaoimhaSaint, Holy
46. NathonNathen, NathonGift of God
47. NiallanNialen, NialanChampion
48. NiallerNialer, NialarChampion
49. NuadhNuadha, NodhaMythical name
50. NollaigNollaigh, NollaikChristmas

We’ve navigated through the nuanced world of ’50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with N’ together. We hope you’ve found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your little explorer. Continue on this exciting journey by exploring more baby name lists on our site. Join us again, as we uncover more namings that are as unique as your baby boy will be. Thank you for letting us be part of your special journey!

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