50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with M: Discover their Meaning & Origin

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From sweet melodies to magical mythologies, Celtic names carry a timeless charm. As an expecting mom, if you’re seeking a name starting with ‘M’, our list of ’50 Celtic Baby Girl Names’ is your treasure chest of inspiration.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Many influential people carry Celtic names starting with ‘M’. For instance, Maureen O’Hara, a legendary Hollywood actress, proudly bore a beautiful Celtic name. Similarly, music world cherishes Moya Brennan, an acclaimed Irish harpist.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MabMabbJoyful
2. MaebhMaeve, MaiveIntoxicating
3. MaeleachlainnMaolisaDevotee of Saint Laisre
4. MaelisMaolmuireHandmaiden of Mary
5. MaelleMaela, MaeliaBright, shining
6. MairMairePearl
7. MairaMairia, MaironaWished-for child
8. MairinMairina, MaironStar of the sea
9. MairwenMairwenna, MairwenaMary blessed
10. MaolisaMaoliseDevotee of Jesus
11. MaraidMarayPearl
12. MauraMauryaDark, Moorish
13. MeadhbhMedb, MeaveIntoxicating one
14. MearaMearraMerry, cheerful
15. MeinirMeiniraMaiden
16. MeirionaMeirion, MeirionwenMaiden
17. MereridMereridaPearl
18. MeriMerryn, MerrySea
19. MerielMerril, MerylSea nymph
20. MoinaMoynaGentle, soft
21. MonatMonnatWealthy
22. MorMorrinGreat
23. MorelaMoreliaGreat queen
24. MorganaMorganSeashore
25. MorwennaMorwenaWaves of the sea
26. MoyaMoiaExceptional
27. MuadhnaitMuadhnatNoble, good
28. MuireannMuireannSea-white, sea-fair
29. MuirghealMuirghealaBright as the sea
30. MuirneMuirnaBeloved
31. MuirnínMuirninDarling, sweetheart
32. MurielMurielleBright sea
33. MyrnaMyrnahBeloved
34. MacariaMakariaBlessed
35. MairennMaireenPearl
36. ManonManonaQueen
37. MaveMaevIntoxicating
38. MelvaMelvinaArmored chief
39. MorwenMorwinaMaiden
40. MoragMoragaGreat sun
41. MareldaMarenaShining sea
42. MarvinaMarviniaFamous friend
43. MornaMornayBeloved
44. MuriellaMurielaBright sea
45. MaeganMaeghanPearl
46. MaidieMaidiMaiden
47. MoibealMoibealaLovable
48. MaironaMaironnaBitter
49. MuirionMuirionaBright sea
50. MeallaMealaLightning

That concludes our magical journey through 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with M. We hope this list sparked inspiration for your little one’s moniker. Continue this exciting discovery by exploring more baby name idea lists on our site. Because a name is not just a tag, it’s a story waiting to unfold. Thank you for being part of our baby naming adventure!

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