Evoke Strength: 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with M

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Hey there, future mommies! If you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and meaningful name for your baby boy, our list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with M is a treasure trove of ideas. Get ready to dive into a world of rich heritage and charming names!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with M

You’ll be in good company with these names. Take Máel Sechnaill, the legendary High King of Ireland, or renowned U.S. actor Matthew McConaughey. Even Mike Myers, beloved comedian and actor, proudly sports a Celtic name beginning with M!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MaccusMac, MarcusHammer
2. MaelanMael, MelanPrince
3. MaedocMadoc, MedocDevotee of Saint Aedan
4. MaelisaMeleesa, MelisaServant
5. MaelmuireMelmuire, MaolmuireServant of Mary
6. MaelgwnMelgwyn, MaelgwinnPrince
7. MaelisaMelisa, MelysaServant
8. MaelMel, MelePrince
9. MaelbridgeMelbridge, MaelbrigdeSaint’s name
10. MaelrubhaMelrubha, MaelrubaiSaint’s name
11. MaddockMaddox, MadockBeneficent
12. MaguireMaguira, MaguirSon of the noble one
13. MaineMane, MayneGood
14. MalachyMalachi, MalachaiMy messenger
15. MalcolmMalcom, MalcolumDisciple of Saint Columba
16. MannixManix, MannickMonk
17. ManusManas, ManousGreat
18. MardythMardith, MarditSea friend
19. MarinerMarinner, MarrinerMariner, seaman
20. MarlenMarlin, MarlonSea fortress
21. MarleyMarlee, Marlimeadow near the lake
22. MarlowMarlowe, MarloHill by the lake
23. MartainnMartin, MartynWarlike
24. MathMat, MathaBear
25. MatholwchMatholwich, MatholvachLegendary name
26. MatoryedMatoryad, MatoriedLegendary son of Eunydd
27. MavonMavan, MavenLord
28. MaxenMaxin, MaxonStone
29. MaxwellMaxwel, MaxwillDweller by the spring
30. MedredyddMedredyd, MedrodLegendary son of Medredydd
31. MelvinMelvyn, MelvenMill worker
32. MelwasMelwass, MelwaseLegendary ruler of the underworld
33. MenwMenow, MeneweLegendary name
34. MeredyddMeredid, MeredydSea warrior
35. MerfynMervin, MervynLegendary king of Britain
36. MerlinMerlyn, MerlenSea fortress
37. MerrionMerron, MerionName of a county
38. MessengerMessengar, MessingrMessenger, servant
39. MichellMichel, MichelleWho is God?
40. MihangelMihangell, MihangalWho is God?
41. ModredModredd, ModradeBrave counsellor
42. MogensMogin, MogenSon of the mighty one
43. MoibealMoibel, MoibolWoman of God
44. MoinaMoinna, MoynaSoft, mild
45. MoireachMoireah, MoireacLady
46. MorganMorgn, MorgaanSea-born
47. MorvenMorvyn, MorvinPale
48. MuirMuire, MuirrSea, ocean
49. MuireadachMuireadac, MuridachMariner, seaman
50. MunroMunroe, MonroMan from the river’s mouth

Thank you so much for exploring our unique list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with M! We hope you found some inspiration here, maybe even the perfect name for your little one! Don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists on our site—there’s a world of beautiful names out there waiting for your discovery. Happy naming!

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