50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with L: Adding Lyrical Charm to Her Identity

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Hey mama-to-be! We know choosing the perfect name for your little girl is a big deal. So why not delve into the beautiful world of Celtic heritage with our list of ’50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with L’? Let your darling’s name be as unique as she will be!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting With L

From writers to royalty, many influential figures have been graced with Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with L. Lindsay Lohan, the talented actress, and Loreena McKennitt, the enchanting Canadian singer-songwriter, are just a couple of the many inspirations for you to consider for your baby’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LaoiseLouisa, LaoiseachRadiant Girl
LornaLornah, LornaheLonesome
LaurnaLaura, LornaLaurel
LaraLarah, LarraProtection
LassarinaLassarine, LassarinaeLittle Girl
LiadanLíadan, LiadainGrey Lady
LeanneLeann, LeeannGracious, Merciful
LasairfhíonaLasairfiona, LasairfhionaWine Flame
LileasLileath, LileaseLily
LíadanLeedan, LeeadanGrey Lady
LeithLeth, LeethBroad River
LíoneLione, LionneBright
LaoighseLaoise, LaoighseaRadiant
LaisrenLaisrean, LaisrennFlame
LitheLýse, LytheJoy
LangLangh, LanggGirl
LelamaeLelamay, LelameaCreature of the Night
LíbhanLibhan, LybhanBeautiful Girl
LuchiaLucheah, LucheahBringer of Light
LaochailanLaochailin, LaochailynSmall Warrior
LíadanLiadain, LýadanGrey Lady
LuanmaLuanmah, LuanmhaEloquent Lady
LyonesseLyones, LyoneseLittle Lion
LíosaLeosa, LesaConsecrated to God
LíadánLýadán, LyadánMelodious
LíobhanLýobhan, LiobhanBeauty of Women
LaoiseLeese, LaoiseeLight
LagleannLaglean, LagleannTranquil Vale
LyraLyrah, LyrraLyre Player
LaoighseachLaoseach, LaoiseachRadiant Girl
LochlynLochlin, LochlynneFrom the Land of Lakes
LiadanLíadán, LiadánGrey Lady
LaraLára, LarrhaProtection
LornaLornah, LornaheLonesome
LaurnaLáurna, LaornaLaurel
LassarinaLassarína, LassarinahLittle Girl
LiadanLíadán, LiadánGrey Lady
LeanneLeánn, LeaanneGracious, Merciful
LasairfhíonaLasairfíona, LasairfhionaWine Flame
LileasLíleas, LileaseLily
LíadanLíadáin, LiadánGrey Lady
LeithLétith, LeethBroad River
LíoneLíoné, LíonneBright
LaoighseLaoíghse, LaoighseaRadiant
LaisrenLaísren, LaisrennFlame
LitheLíthé, LytheJoy
LangLáng, LánggGirl

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with L. Thanks for letting us be a part of your baby name search adventure! If you’re still hungry for more inspiration, make sure to check out our other lists of unique baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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