50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with L: Make a Timeless Choice

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Choosing your baby’s name is a journey filled with joy, excitement, and anticipation. Our list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘L’ will guide you on this adventure, connecting your little one to his Celtic roots while keeping his identity unique and memorable.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting With L

There’s no shortage of influential figures sporting Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘L’. Renowned actor Liam Neeson brings strength and charisma to his Celtic name, while singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, whose name originates from the Gaelic ‘Leannan’ meaning ‘lover’, left a remarkable legacy in music.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiamLyam, LeamStrong-willed warrior
LochlannLochlan, LocklanLand of the lochs
LughLug, LouLight
LearyLiri, LeryHerdsman
LorneLorn, LorrinFrom Lorne
LorcanLorkan, LorckanLittle fierce one
LewisLewys, LouisFamous warrior
LomanLomann, LowmanBare
LeodLeo, LeodhUgly
LaoiseLois, LoiseRadiant girl
LennyLeni, LennieBrave as a lion
LachtnaLochtan, LachtnanMilky
LaoidhighLaoidh, LaoidhigPoor
LysaghtLyz, LysaExile
LinusLinos, LynusFlax-colored
LexyLexi, LexieProtector of mankind
LaveryLaverie, LaveriHill
LaszloLazlo, LasloGlory of the tribe
LonanLonen, LonnaeBlackbird
LennonLenon, LennanLover
LaochailanLaoch, LaochlanWarrior
LorneLorn, LorinFrom Lorne
LeifLif, LievHeir or descendant
LysanderLysandre, LysandarLiberator
LarkinLark, LarkenRough or fierce
LudoLudi, LudoeFamous war
LindyLinde, LindenLime tree
LarLare, LarreHistory
LeanderLeandre, LeandarLion man
LyndonLindon, LyndenLime tree hill
LirLire, LyrSea
LughaidhLugh, LugaLight
LyallLyale, LyleShield wolf
LindalLindale, LindolDwells by the linden trees
LironLiren, LironeMy song
LlewellynLlewellin, LlewellenLike a lion
LeslieLesly, LesliGarden of holly
LeroyLeroi, LeeroyThe king
LiamLiams, LianDetermined protector
LorenzoLorenz, LaurenzCrowned with laurel
LorneLorin, LorrinFrom Lorne
LucasLukas, LukaLight-giving
LyricLyrik, LyricoMelody
LivingstonLivinston, LivingtonLeif’s town
LyndonLyndan, LyndenHill with linden trees
LandersLander, LandarLand owner
LochLochlann, LocheLake
LionelLionell, LyonelYoung lion

Thank you for exploring our hand-picked list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘L’. As you prepare for this new journey of parenthood, we hope these names have sparked some inspiration for your baby boy’s identity. Don’t forget to explore more of our curated baby name lists on our site, each one a trove of beautiful and meaningful choices for your little one. Happy naming!

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