50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with K to Set Your Baby Apart

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a wonderful journey, filled with excitement and anticipation. So, how about considering a name that’s both unique and meaningful? Our list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with K might just hold that perfect name!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Did you know that many influential figures bear Celtic names starting with K? Take, for example, Kieran Culkin, an Emmy-nominated American actor, or Kenneth Branagh, a renowned actor and director hailing from Northern Ireland. These names aren’t just unique, they’re attached to individuals who’ve shone brightly in their respective fields.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KaelanKaelin, KaelenSlender; fair
KaganKegan, KeaganA thinker; fiery
KainCian, KaneAncient
KairenKieran, KyranLittle dark one
KalanCallan, KallenPowerful in battle
KalvynKelvin, KalvinBald
KameronCameron, KamronCrooked nose
KaneKaine, CaineBattle
KannonCannon, CanaanOfficial of the church
KarlCaroll, KarolMan
KavanCavan, KevanHandsome
KaydenKaden, CadenCompanion
KeaganKeegan, KeganSmall and fiery
KealanKeelan, KellenSlender
KearneyCarney, KarnyVictorious
KearyKerry, KeryDark-haired
KedrickKendrick, KendricGift of splendor
KeefeKiefer, KeifferNoble, gentle
KeganKagan, KeeganSmall flame
KeiranKieran, KiranDark haired
KeithKeath, KeethWoodland, forest
KellanKellin, KellenPowerful
KellyKellie, KelliWarrior
KenanKeenan, KienanAncient
KenleyKinley, KennleyKing’s meadow
KennardKennhard, KennordBrave chieftain
KenneyKenny, KinnieHandsome
KenrickKenric, KenrichRoyal ruler
KentonKinton, KendonRoyal settlement
KermitKermet, KermittFree man
KerrKarr, KerThicket
KerryKeary, KeryFrom county Kerry
KevanKevin, KevenHandsome, beautiful
KeyonKeon, KionGod is gracious
KianKeane, KaneAncient
KieferKeifer, KiferBarrel maker
KieranKyran, KeranLittle dark one
KillianKillion, KillyanChurch attendant
KincadeKincaid, KinkadeFrom the steep valley
KinnonKinnan, KinnenFair born
KirbyKerby, KirbieChurch settlement
KirwanKerwan, KyrwanLittle dark one
KodyCody, KodieHelpful
KonnorConnor, KonnerLover of hounds
KoreyCorey, KorreyHollow
KorriganCorrigan, KorrighanSpear-sharp
KoryCory, KoreyHollow
KylanKylen, KylanNarrow, straight
KyleKile, KielNarrow strait or channel
KylerKylen, KylarArcher’s bow

And that’s a wrap on our enlightening list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with K. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through unique and meaningful names! Feel inspired? We encourage you to explore even more baby name ideas on our site. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is a significant first step in their incredible journey, so make it count!

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