Add a Celtic Twist: 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with K

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There’s something magical about Celtic names – their rich history, the lyrical lilt, and their distinctive meanings. Our list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with K will take you on an enchanting journey of discovery, filled with distinctive and soulful options for your little one.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with K

In the rich tapestry of Celtic names, many notable figures stand out. Take Kiera Knightley, the British-born actress whose name means “dark-haired” in Celtic, or the talented singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves, whose name signifies “vigilant in war”. These powerful women are testament to the strength and beauty of Celtic baby girl names starting with K.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KaceyKacie, KaciBrave
KaelaKaila, KaylaPure
KairaKira, KyraDark
KaitlynKatelyn, KaitlinPure
KallanKallen, KellanPowerful in battle
KaraCara, KarahFriend
KarenaKarenna, KarinaPure
KarisCarys, CharisLove
KassidyCassidy, KassideeClever
KatrionaCatriona, KatrinaPure
KeavyCaoimhe, KeevaGentle, beautiful
KeeleyKeely, KeelieBeautiful
KeiraKira, KyraDark
KennaKennetha, KeninaBorn of fire
KenzieKenzi, KenseyFair one
KerryKeri, KerriDark
KiannaKiana, KeannaAncient
KieraKierra, KiraDark
KileyKylie, KileeNarrow strait
KinseyKinzie, KinsieKing’s victory
KiraKyra, KeiraDark
KirstenKirstin, KirsteenChristian woman
KitKitty, KittiPure
KylaKayla, KylahNarrow strait
KyleighKiley, KylieBoat, Narrow strait
KyraKira, KeiraDark
KaitCait, KatePure
KalaniKalany, KalanieSky
KallieCallie, KalliForest
KambrieKamry, KamrieCrooked nose
KamrynKamrin, KamronCrooked nose
KandaceCandace, KandicePure
KannonCannan, KannenClan
KarmenCarmen, KarmynSong
KarriCarri, KarryPure
KarsynCarson, KarsenMarsh dweller
KasynKason, KacenFighter
KatarinaKatrina, KaterinaPure
KatlinKatlyn, KatelynPure
KatrielKatrielle, KatriellaGod is my crown
KaydenceCadence, KadenceRhythm
KaylenKaylyn, KaylinSlender
KayleighKaylie, KayleyParty, celebration
KellieKelly, KelliWarrior
KelseyKelsie, KelseaVictorious ship
KennediKennedy, KennadyUgly head
KenleyKenlee, KenleaClear water
KerriganCarrigan, KerriganDark-haired
KimberKimberly, KimbraRoyal fortress

Thank you for journeying with us through these 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with K. We hope you’ve found the perfect name to grace your little one, one that resonates with your family’s heritage and dreams. Feel free to continue exploring our treasure trove of baby name ideas, and happy name hunting!

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