50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with J to Spark Your Imagination

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So, you’re on a mission to find that perfect name for your little girl, aren’t you! Let’s explore together the charm of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with J, which are as enchanting as they are unique.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Jennifer Aniston, with her Celtic name, has not only graced Hollywood with her talent but has also become a symbol of simplicity and charm. Then there’s Jessica Biel, whose Celtic name starting with J is as versatile as her acting skills. These shining stars could be a source of inspiration for your baby’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JaelynJaylin, JaeleenSupplanter
2. JaimieJamie, JaimySupplanter
3. JanessaJaness, JenessaGracious
4. JeanJane, JoanGod is gracious
5. JeaneJeanne, JeanieGod is gracious
6. JeanetteJanet, JeanettaLittle Joan
7. JemmaGemma, GemaJewel
8. JennaJennah, JennaeFair one
9. JenniferJenifer, JenifferFair one
10. JessamineJessamyn, JasminJasmine flower
11. JessieJessi, JessyWealthy
12. JoelleJoella, JoelleeGod is willing
13. JonetJonette, JonnetteGod is gracious
14. JoniJoanie, JonieGod is gracious
15. JorjaGeorgia, GeorgieFarmer
16. JoseyJosee, JosieGod will add
17. JoyceJoy, JoyeLord
18. JudithJudithe, JoodithWoman of Judea
19. JuliJulie, JuleeYouthful
20. JungYoung, YungBrave
21. JadenJadyn, JaidenGod has heard
22. JillJil, JyllYouthful
23. JoJoe, JoeeGod will add
24. JoanJoane, JoannGod is gracious
25. JodyJodie, JodeePraised
26. JoleneJoline, JolyneGod will add
27. JordanJordyn, JordynnFlowing down
28. JoyaJoy, JoyeJoy
29. JoanaJoanna, JoanneGod is gracious
30. JoscelinJoselyn, JoselinMember of the Gauts tribe
31. JudiJudy, JudieWoman of Judea
32. JulittaJuliet, JulietteYouthful
33. JustineJustice, JustinaFair, righteous
34. JacintaJacinda, JacynthHyacinth
35. JaelJaell, JaelyMountain Goat
36. JerushaJerushah, JerusshaInheritance
37. JessieJessy, JessiWealthy
38. JewelJewell, JuellPrecious stone
39. JocelynJoselyn, JosslynnMember of the Gauts tribe
40. JoyceJoy, JoyeLord
41. JudyJudi, JudieWoman of Judea
42. JuliaJulie, JuleeYouthful
43. JuniperJunipper, JeneperJuniper tree
44. JacquiJackie, JackiSupplanter
45. JaidaJada, JaydaThe knowing one
46. JeannieJean, JeanieGod is gracious
47. JewelJewell, JuellPrecious stone
48. JocastaJokasta, YokastaShining moon
49. JolandaJolande, YolandaViolet flower
50. JulianaJulianna, JulianneYouthful

Thank you for joining us in exploring these 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with J. We hope you’ve found inspiration, or even better, the perfect name for your little one. Continue your name exploration by checking out more of our curated lists filled with exceptional baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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