50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with J: Explore the Magic of Heritage

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Embarking on the exciting journey of naming your little champ? How about exploring the charm of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘J’? Let’s dive into a sea of unique names, rich with heritage and meaning, to find the perfect one for your bundle of joy!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with J

One standout figure is James Joyce, the celebrated Irish writer whose works have captivated readers worldwide. Another is John (Jack) Butler Yeats, a distinguished Irish artist and the brother of poet W.B. Yeats. Their names have carried the charm and pride of Celtic heritage across generations.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JoranJorenFarmer
2. JarlathJarlaith, IarfhlaithTributary Lord
3. JagoIagoSupplanter
4. JaimieJaime, JameySupplanter
5. JamesonJamison, JameisonSon of James
6. JamisonJameson, JamiesonSon of James
7. JarvisJervis, JervaseSpear servant
8. JarethJarith, JerrithBlend of Jar and Gareth
9. JasonJayson, JaysenHealer
10. JeffreyGeoff, GeofferyPeaceful traveler
11. JeraldJerold, JerroldSpear ruler
12. JimJimmy, JimmieSupplanter
13. JohnsonJonson, JohnssonSon of John
14. JackJac, JakGod is gracious
15. JacksonJaxon, JaxsonSon of Jack
16. JensonJensen, JenssenSon of Jens
17. JeromeJerrome, JerronSacred name
18. JeremyJeremie, JeromyGod will uplift
19. JacobJakob, JacobiSupplanter
20. JedJedd, JedidiahBeloved of the Lord
21. JenningsJenning, JeningsLittle John
22. JoelJoell, JoleJehovah is God
23. JordanJordyn, JordynnDescend
24. JosephJoe, JoeyHe will add
25. JudahJuda, JudasPraised
26. JulianJulien, JulionYouthful
27. JudeJudd, JudPraised
28. JustinJustyn, JustenFair, upright
29. JosiahJosias, JosyaGod has healed
30. JovianJovien, JovyanSky father
31. JovanniJovanny, JovanoYahweh is gracious
32. JonathonJonathan, JonatanGod has given
33. JonasJonass, JonisDove
34. JonahJonha, JonaDove
35. JobyJobie, JobeyPersecuted
36. JeraldJerrald, JerroldSpear ruler
37. JevonJevan, JevinGod is gracious
38. JethroJethroe, JethrowExcellence
39. JenningsJenning, JeningsLittle John
40. JesseJessey, JessieGift
41. JensonJensson, JensenSon of Jens
42. JarvisJervis, JervaseSpear servant
43. JabariJabarri, JabarieBrave
44. JaceJayce, JaseA healer
45. JenkinsJenkyns, JenkingsLittle John
46. JephthahJeptha, JephthaHe opens
47. JebediahJebadiah, JebadiaFriend of God
48. JessopJsop, JessoppSon of Jesse
49. JerichoJerricho, JericoMoon city
50. JermaineJermayne, JermainBrother

Thank you for discovering this list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘J’. Choosing a name is a significant part of welcoming your little one into the world, and we hope this journey has been inspiring. Explore more of our curated baby name lists to continue this exciting adventure. Happy naming, dear moms-to-be!

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