50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with I for a Magical Beginning

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Excited about choosing the perfect name for your little one? Well, you’re in the right place! Our list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with ‘I’ offers delightful choices filled with tradition, charm, and uniqueness.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with I

From the realms of Celtic mythology to the dazzling world of modern celebrities, Celtic names starting with ‘I’ have graced some truly influential figures. The Irish singer Imelda May, American actress Ireland Baldwin, and the legendary mythical queen Isolde of Ireland are just a few examples. These names speak volumes about grace, strength, and a touch of the extraordinary.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IonaIonah, IonannaPurple jewel
IsoldeIsolda, IzoldaIce ruler
IseultIseulta, YseultFair lady
IdelleIdella, IdellBountiful
IlaIlah, IliaFrom the island
IngaInge, IngahGoddess’s daughter
InisIniss, InnisIsland
IolaIolana, IolandaViolet-colored dawn
IrmaIrmina, IrmetteWar goddess
IslaIlsa, IsletIsland
IfeIfetayo, IfeyinwaLove
IrvetteIrvetta, IrvinaSea friend
IshbelIsibeal, IsobelPledged to God
IsleenIsleena, IslinnDream, vision
IvriaIvriya, IvritHebrew
IvorineIvorina, IvorinPure as an ivory
IleneIleene, IlenaFrom Ilium or Troy
IndianaIndie, IndiaLand of the Indians
ItaItana, IteriaThirst
IvanaIvania, IvanyaGod is gracious
IantheIanthina, IanthineViolet flower
IgraineIgrayne, YgraineUnsettled
IridaIridana, IridessaRainbow
ImmieImmia, ImmianaEntire, universal
ImeldaImeldina, ImeldineAll-consuming fight
IreliaIrelian, IrelinaGolden
IshaIshana, IsharaWoman
IndraIndrani, IndrinaPossessing rain
IviIvy, IvieIvy plant
IvoryIvorya, IvorynaWhite, pure
IlsaIlsabeth, IlsabettePledged to God
IrenaIrenka, IrennaPeace
IratumIratuma, IratumiaPeace
IdunaIdunna, IdunTo love again
ImaImara, ImalaUniversal and complete
IolaniIolanthe, IolanthaSoaring like a hawk
IrielIriela, IriellaGod is my light
IzaraIzarah, IzarraStar
IyanaIyanna, IyannahBlossom
IlmaIlmah, IlmatarResolute protector
IlkeIlka, IlkayShining one
ImkaImke, ImkjeUniversal and complete
IdrisIdrisa, IdrissaFiery leader
InoaInoah, InoanName of a saint
InayaInayah, InayatConcern, solicitude
IzzyIzzie, IzzePledged to God
IoleIolan, IolenViolet
IvariaIvarie, IvarielBow of the warrior

You’ve reached the end of our captivating journey through 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with I. We hope that you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your little girl! As you embark on this exciting phase of life, do revisit us for more unique and beautiful baby name ideas. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your special journey!

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