50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with I: Discover Traditions and Meanings

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As a mom-to-be, you’re probably teeming with joy and excitement. One of the big decisions you’re going to make is naming your little bundle of joy. Our list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘I’ is perfect for those who want to infuse their heritage into their baby’s identity or simply desire a unique, culturally rich moniker.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with I

It’s surprising how many famous figures wear Celtic names with pride. Irish actor Ian McElhinney, renowned for his role in “Game of Thrones”, and Ian McLagan, the legendary English rock musician, both bear the Celtic name ‘Ian’, which means ‘God is Gracious’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IanEian, IainGod is Gracious
IvarIvor, IforArcher
IrvinErvin, IrvineSea Friend
IvorIver, IforBow Warrior
IngramInghram, IngrimAngel Raven
IvesYves, IvisYoung Archer
IrwinErwin, IrwynBoar Friend
ImmanuelEmmanuel, ImanolGod With Us
IndigoIndego, IndioIndian Dye
InglebertEngelbert, InglebardBright Angel
IollanIolan, YollanOne who worships a different god
IomharIomhair, YomarYew wood, Archer
IonIona, YonIonian
IorwerthIorworth, YorwerthHandsome lord
IsadoreIsidore, IsadorGift of Isis
IsidorIsadore, IsadurGift of Isis
IslanderIslandor, IslaanderFrom the island
IvanoIvon, IvenGod is gracious
IgnatiusIgnazio, IgnaceFiery One
InnesInness, InnisIsland
InigoÍñigo, InnisFiery
IversonIvorson, IforsonSon of Ivor
IshmaelIsmael, IshmelGod hears
IcarusIkaros, IkarusFollower
IthellIthel, EthelGenerous lord
IoloIolyn, IolanYew wood, Archer
IestynJestin, YestinRighteous
IarfhlaithIarlaith, JarlathTributary lord
IdrisEdris, IdrissInterpreter
IsambardIsanbard, EsambardIron-axe
IsaacIsaak, IzakLaughter
IvailoIvaylo, IvaloWolf
IldarIlder, EldarBorn of Fire
IvonIvone, IvonneYew wood, Archer
IbaadEbaad, IbadWorshipper
IchabodIkabod, IcabodDeparted Glory
IgnazioIgnatius, IgnaciusFiery one
IntegrityIntegriti, IntegriHonesty, Virtue
IsaiIsei, IsaeGod is salvation
IssaiIssaiah, IsaihYahweh is salvation
IefanIefon, IevanGod is gracious
IzaiahIsaiah, IsayahYahweh is salvation
IrfanErfan, IrfonKnowledge, wisdom
ImranEmran, ImraanProsperity
IdwalIdwall, EdwalLord of the wall
IversonEverson, IvorsonSon of the archer
IwanEwan, IuanGod is gracious
IoloIolu, IoluWorthwhile
IdrisEdris, YdrisArdent lord
IttamarEthamar, EtamarIsland of the palm tree

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with I. We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your little one. Remember, the journey of choosing a baby’s name is as exciting as it is significant. Feel free to explore more of our baby name lists to find the name that perfectly captures your hopes and dreams for your little bundle of joy. Happy naming!

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