50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with H: Celebrating Celtic Traditions

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Welcome, on-the-brink mommas! We’ve curated a list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names starting with H, full of charm, cultural richness, and unique personality. As you explore, imagine these names whispered in sweet lullabies or shouted in proud schoolyard cheers.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with H

From artists to athletes, some notable women have carried Celtic Baby Girl Names starting with H, and they’ve done so with grace and gusto. Take for instance Heidi Klum, the stunning supermodel whose name originally hails from the Celtic root. Then there’s Hilary Hahn, a renowned violinist imbuing her performances with the same melodic beauty her name carries.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HadleyHadey, HadleaFrom the heath-covered meadow
HalenHalyn, HaelenSalt, sea
HarlowHarlowe, HarloeFrom the mound of people
HarmonyHarmoni, HarmoneeA beautiful blend, peace
HavenHavena, HavinSafe place
HafwenHafwine, HafwynSummer and fair
HaleighHayleigh, HaeleighField of hay
HeatherHeathir, HethirFlowering plant
HelenHelena, HellenaBright, shining one
HenriettaHenrie, HettieRuler of the home
HermoineHermoine, HerminEarthly
HilaryHillary, HillariCheerful, happy
HildHilde, HyldBattle
HonorHonorah, HonoraDignity, reputation
HopeHopi, HopieDesire of fulfillment
HyacinthHyacintha, HyacintheFlower
HunterHuntie, HuntressOne who hunts
HollyHollie, HolieHolly tree
HarperHarpor, HarpurHarp player
HazelHazelle, HazalThe hazelnut tree
HestiaHesty, HestieHearth, fireside
HeidiHeidy, HaidiOf noble kind
HaideeHaydee, HaideyModest
HypatiaHyppatia, HypaciaHighest, supreme
HonorineHonorina, HonorinHonored one
HecateHekate, HeckateFar off
HeraHerah, HerraProtectress
HerthaHerta, HirthaPowerful woman
HelmaHelmah, HehmaWill, volition
HesperHespir, HesporEvening star
HildredHildreda, HildreadBattle counselor
HoshiHoshy, HoshieStar
HesterHesther, HestyStar
HildegardeHildgard, HildgaardeBattle stronghold
HydrangeaHydrangia, HydrangeahA type of flower
HebeHebee, HebiYouth
HeldaHeldah, HelderBattle maid
HildegardHildegaard, HildgardStrong battle maid
HortaHortah, HorteGarden
HortenseHortens, HortenzeGarden
HubertaHuberte, HubertahBright mind
HumilityHumilitee, HumillityModest
HuldaHuldah, HuldarSecrecy, hiding
HedwigHedwiga, HedwigeContention, strife
HermioneHermionie, HermioneeEarthly
HaganHaganah, HagunYoung, youthful
HeloiseHeloisa, HeloiseeHealthy, wide
HyldaHyldah, HyldarBattle maid
HanaHanah, HanaaFlower, blossom
HalimaHalimah, HalimeGentle, patient

Oh, what a joy it’s been guiding you through our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with H. Each name represents a piece of captivating history, carrying the potential to imbue your little girl’s identity with timeless charm and uniqueness. We hope you’ve found inspiration here, and if you’re still on the hunt, we’ve got plenty more on our site. Dive in, keep exploring, and remember—the perfect name for your little one is just around the corner!

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