20 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with H: The Ultimate Guide for New Moms

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Choosing a baby name can feel monumental, right? But don’t worry, we’ve pulled together a list of 20 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with H to inspire you and make this journey a joyous one.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with H

In our pursuit of unique names, let’s highlight a few notable folks who’ve proudly carried Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with H. Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, named after his grandfather, who has Scottish roots. Then, there’s famous Irish musician and singer, Hozier, whose heart-touching melodies have won him fame worldwide. These names have not just a rich Celtic history but also a lineage of remarkable individuals.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HadrianAdrin, AdryanDark one
HalHalden, HalenChief
HamishSheumais, SeumasSupplanter
HanlonHanlan, HanlinHero
HarleyHarly, HarleighHare’s meadow
HartHarte, HarttStrong, brave
HaydenHaiden, HaidynFire
HeathHeth, HeethLand of heather
HefinHefyn, HevinSummer
HeilynHelyan, HelinWine bearer
HenryHenrie, HenreeRuler of the home
HerbertHerb, HerbieBright
HolcombeHolcomb, HolcumValley with a hollow
HoldenHoldan, HoldynDeep valley
HowellHowel, HowlEminent
HudsonHudsun, HudsynSon of Hudd
HughHue, HewMind, intellect
HuntleyHuntlee, HuntleighMeadow of the hunter
HumphreyHumfrey, HumfryPeaceful warrior
HywelHywell, HywelEminent

That wraps up our list of 20 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with H. Thanks for joining us on this little adventure into the world of baby names. We hope you’re leaving with some fresh inspirations for your little one! Remember, there are countless other baby name idea lists waiting for you on our site. Embrace the journey, as the perfect name for your new arrival is just around the corner!

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