50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with G: Connect with Your Celtic Roots

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Hello Mom-to-be! The quest for the perfect baby name is an adventure in itself. And what could be more exciting than exploring a world of enchanting Celtic baby girl names, all starting with the graceful letter G?

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Glenda Jackson, the acclaimed British actress and politician, sports a Celtic name starting with a G. Similarly, Gwendoline Christie, known for her role in Game of Thrones, carries a serene Celtic ‘G’ name. These names reflect the rich tapestry of Celtic culture, adding an extraordinary charm to their bearers.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GaiaGaiah, GayaEarth
2. GalateaGalathea, GalatiaWhite as milk
3. GalliaGahlia, GaliaFrom Gaul
4. GalenaGalina, GaleynaHealer
5. GallaGala, GahlaPowerful woman
6. GanaGanna, GanahGarden
7. GardeniaGardinia, GardenyaFlower name
8. GavinaGavinia, GavynaWhite hawk
9. GelseyGelsy, GelsiJewel
10. GenevaGenevah, GenivaJuniper tree
11. GenevieveGenevra, GeneveeveTribal woman
12. GenoaGenoah, GenowaKnuckles
13. GiaGiah, GyahGod’s gracious gift
14. GiannaGianah, GiannahThe Lord is gracious
15. GildaGuilda, GyldaCovered with gold
16. GillianGillyan, GylianYouthful
17. GinaGeena, GynaQueen
18. GlendaGlynda, GlendahDivine goodness
19. GlenysGlenis, GlenicePure, holy
20. GloriaGlorya, GloraGlory
21. GlynnisGlinis, GlinysValley
22. GraceGracelynn, GracieGod’s favor
23. GraniaGranya, GraniyaLove
24. GreerGrier, GreyerWatchful
25. GwenGwyn, GwennWhite, fair
26. GwendaGwenna, GwendaFair, blessed
27. GwendolenGwendalyn, GwendolineWhite brow
28. GwenethGwynneth, GwenythLucky
29. GwynGwinn, GwynnFair, blessed
30. GwynethGwineth, GwenethLucky
31. GabbyGabbie, GabbiGod’s bravest woman
32. GaleGael, GaileTranquil sea
33. GarnetGarnette, GarnettPomegranate seed
34. GayleGaile, GaleLively
35. GemmaGema, JemmaPrecious stone
36. GeraldineGerldine, JeraldineMighty with a spear
37. GertrudeGertie, GertrudaStrength of a spear
38. GingerGinga, GingiePure
39. GladysGladyce, GladisSword
40. GoldieGoldy, GoldeyMade of gold
41. GriseldaGrizelda, GriselleDark battle
42. GuinevereGwenivere, GinevraWhite wave
43. GailGale, GaileJoy of the father
44. GalinaGalena, GaleenaCalm, healing
45. GermaineGermain, JermaineBrother
46. GiovannaGiavanna, GeovannaGod is gracious
47. GiselleGisele, GizellePledge
48. GloriannaGloryana, GloriaanaGlory and grace
49. GraceeGraci, GracyGrace of God
50. GretaGretta, GretahPearl

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our carefully curated list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with G. Choosing a baby name is a significant step in your journey to motherhood, and every name tells a special story. We invite you to delve deeper into the world of baby names by exploring more of our captivating lists on our website. Thank you for embarking on this wonderful journey with us!

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