Discover Traditions: 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with G

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Choosing your baby’s name is a thrilling journey, filled with anticipation and joy. Our list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with G is here to inspire you, combining both unique charm and cultural richness that will surely make your little one’s name special.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Names like Graham, Gareth, and Gavin have been adorned by influential figures, enriching the appeal of Celtic baby boy names starting with ‘G’. For instance, Graham Norton, the renowned Irish television presenter, and Gareth Bale, the celebrated Welsh footballer. Drawing from such luminaries can add a touch of prestige and history to your baby’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GarethGarret, GarthGentle
GavinGav, GavenHawk
GlennGlen, GlynnValley
GregorGreg, GreggWatchful
GriffinGriff, GrifinPrince
GradyGradey, GraidyNoble
GallagherGallager, GallagharHelper
GreerGrier, GrereAlert
GildasGildus, GildisServant
GannonGannan, GannenFair
GibsonGibs, GibbsonSon of Gilbert
GwilymGwil, GwilyDesire helmet
GwynGwynn, GwynneBlessed
GormainGorman, GormenDark blue
GalvinGalven, GalvonSparrow
GethinGethen, GethynDark-skinned
GreystonGreystone, GraystonGray stone
GordonGordan, GordenGreat hill
GilmoreGillmore, GillmorServant of Mary
GlendonGlenndon, GlinndonFrom the dark glen
GeralltGerralt, GeraltSpear ruler
GruffuddGruffud, GrufuddLord
GlyndwrGlynndwr, GlyndwerValley water
GaerwnGaerwen, GaerwennWhite fortress
GriffithGriffeth, GriffythStrong lord
GwydionGwydeon, GwydionnBorn of trees
GawainGwain, GwayneWhite hawk
GarnockGernock, GarnocDweller by the alder tree
GilroyGelroy, GilroiSon of the redhead
GowerGowerd, GowerePure
GlynGlynn, GlinnValley
GlywysGlwys, GlywisRuler
GruffenGruffin, GruffynnMythical beast
GuinGuinn, GuynFair
GutoGutow, GuteauGod’s peace
GuintherGuinthery, GuintharBold warrior
GwallterGwalltair, GwallterrRuler of the army
GruffinGruffyn, GruffinnMythical beast
GwenaelGwenal, GwenaelleBlessed and generous
GwydolGwydole, GwydolynTo guide
GwernGwyrn, GwyrrnAlder tree
GwynforGwynfore, GwynferWhite lord
GwernachGwernachy, GwernackLegendary enemy of Arthur
GwenllianGwenlliann, GwenlliaenFair flaxen
GwerfylGwerfyll, GwerfyllaLegendary daughter of Gwastad
GwilymGwilam, GwilumHelmet of will
GwrwaredGwrwaredd, GwrwaredhLegendary son of David
GwrfoddGwrffwd, GwroddLegendary son of Erim
GwenllianGwenlliann, GwenllianFair flaxen
GwernGwyrn, GwyrrnAlder tree
GwriGwria, GwrieLegendary son of Caw
GethinGethyn, GethanDark-skinned
GwladusGwladys, GwladyssRuler
GwennynGwenny, GwenninBee

Thanks for journeying with us through this delightful list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with G. We hope this guide ignited some ideas and made your baby naming adventure even more exciting. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists on the site to continue your exploration. Your perfect baby name could be just a click away!

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