50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with F: Dive into Their Rich Meanings

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Hello, mom-to-be! Are you on a thrilling quest to choose just the right name for your little girl? Let’s dive together into this list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with F, each brimming with beauty, strength, and a touch of magic.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with F

From actresses to artists, several notable figures celebrate Celtic baby girl names starting with F. Oscar-nominated actress, Fionnula Flanagan, has graced our screens for years, while famous author Fiona Macleod left a vivid imprint on Scottish literature. These names hold a legacy of creativity and resilience, becoming an inspiring choice for your baby girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FionnFiona, FiannaFair, White
FaelanFaolan, PhelanLittle wolf
FallonFallan, FallynLeader
FingulaFinnguala, FingolaFair Shoulders
FidelmaFedelma, FiedhelmEver Good
FenellaFionnuala, FinolaWhite Shoulder
FinnaFyna, FionnaFair, White
FancheaFainche, FanyFree
FaoiltiamaFaoiltiarna, FaoilWolf Lady
FinseachFinseagh, FinseaFair-Haired
FiamainFiamon, FiamaineWine
FlannaFlannah, FlanaRed-Haired
FlainnFlaine, FlinnRed, Ruddy
FaelinnFaelynn, FaelinaLittle Wolf
FaolainFaolian, FaolanLittle Wolf
FiachnaFiahna, FiachaRaven
FionnseachFionsea, FionnseaFair-Haired
FainseFainsea, FainsFree
FearbhirighFearbhira, FearbhTrue Judgement
FinghinFingin, FingenFair Birth
FaoileannFaoilan, FaoilenShining
FioraFiore, FiorFlower
FirinneFirina, FirinTruth
FionnuirFionnir, FionuirFair Shoulder
FegineFegin, FeginaForce
FianaitFiannait, FenaitDeer, Fiery
FifnaFyfna, FyfnWine
FossaFosse, FosWaterfall
FoilaFoile, FoiliWine
FaoitFaoite, FaoiSeventh daughter
FodhlaFodla, FodhGaelic Goddess of Ireland
FrisFrise, FrissCurl-haired
FlidaisFlidaise, FlidGoddess of Hunting in Irish Mythology
FaitFaite, FaiEighth daughter
FodhlaithFodlaith, FodhlaitPlace name
FuamnachFuamna, FuamMythical witch
FurbaideFurbaideh, FurbaMythical character
FomorFomora, FomMythical sea god
FionbharrFionbhar, FionbFair hair
FathachFath, FathaGiant
FoltorFolt, FoltaHair
FionngualaFionngula, FionngWhite shoulder
FiananFiana, FianDeer
FurbaidheFurbaid, FurbaidhMythical character
FithirFithr, FithTrue
FithnaidFithna, FithnDeer
FliodhaisFliodhaisa, FliodhMythical character
FodhlaFodhl, FodhlaMythical queen
FaireFairi, FairBeautiful
FaoiltighearnaFaoiltig, FaoilLady of Wolves

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with F! We hope this journey resonated with your hopes for your baby girl’s name. We’ve got a plethora of other baby name ideas waiting for you on our site. So continue diving into this exciting naming adventure with us, and find that perfect name that sings to you and your little one!

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