50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with O: Blend of Tradition & Modernity

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We know choosing your baby’s name is a big deal. That’s why we’ve rounded up 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with O to help you find that one perfect moniker that sings to your heart.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Oisin, a popular Celtic name beginning with O, was worn by Oisin Murphy, a revered Irish jockey who’s garnered recognition in the USA. Oran, another beloved Celtic name, belongs to Oran Kearney, the accomplished football manager making waves in Ireland.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OisinOsheen, OssianLittle deer
2. OranOdhran, OrinPale green
3. OrlaOral, OrioleGolden princess
4. OwenOwain, OwynYoung warrior
5. OssiaOsee, OssianDeer
6. OdhranOran, OrinLittle pale green one
7. OighrigOighria, OighriaighNew speckled one
8. OlcanOlcán, OlcynWolf
9. OdranOdhran, OdrinLittle dark one
10. OrmondOrmand, OrmondeRed mountain
11. OsmarOswar, OsmerMarvelously beautiful
12. OsmundOsmond, OsmontDivine protector
13. OskerOscer, OskarSpear of the gods
14. OslaOslea, OsliaGod’s consecration
15. OswallOswal, OswaldPower of god
16. OswinOswyn, OswineGod’s friend
17. OswyOswie, OswyeGod’s warrior
18. OtaOtha, OthahProsperous, wealthy
19. OtisOtys, OttisWealthy
20. OtsoOtzo, OtzoeBear
21. OttokarOttcar, OttkarWealthy and vigilant
22. OtvosOtfos, OtvossWealthy chief
23. OveOvie, OvaeSword’s edge
24. OvidOvidie, OvidySheep herder
25. OvilaOvilo, OvileEgg warrior
26. OwenbyOwenbie, OwenbeyYoung warrior’s town
27. OwneyOwnee, OwneiYoung warrior’s island
28. OwnieOwnee, OwniYoung deer
29. OxnafordOxnafordd, OxnafordhOxen’s crossing
30. OxnatunOxnatunn, OxnatuneOxen’s farm
31. OxneyOxnee, OxneiOxen’s island
32. OxtonOxtone, OxtunOxen’s town
33. OyaOyah, OyaahTornado
34. OyamaOyamah, OyammaMountain
35. OystenOystin, OysteinEver or eternal
36. OzzieOzzy, OzzeeDivine spear
37. OlandOlnd, OlnddFrom the pointed land
38. OleanderOlander, OlianderEvergreen tree
39. OlwinOluin, OluynOlive friend
40. OmeroOmerro, OmeroahPigeon
41. OnslowOnslowe, OnslowhFrom the zealous one’s hill
42. OrbertOrbart, OrbrtBright bear
43. OrvilleOrvill, OrvilGold town
44. OrsonOrsone, OrsonnLike a bear
45. OrvilleOrvill, OrvileGold town
46. OsbourneOsborn, OsburnDivine bear
47. OswaldOswal, OsweldDivine power
48. OthoOthe, OthoeWealthy
49. OvertonOveron, OvertunUpper town
50. OzgoodOzgod, OsgoodDivine creature

And there you have it – a robust list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with O! We hope this collection has sparked your imagination and helped you edge closer to that perfect name. Remember, every name carries a story, just as your little one will. We invite you to explore more baby name ideas on our site. Thanks for trusting us to be a part of your exciting naming journey.

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