50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Stand Out with These Choices

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Hey mom-to-be! Looking for a baby boy name that’s beyond the ordinary? Come join us on a journey through Celtic heritage with 50 remarkable baby boy names starting with ‘P’. Let’s find a name as unique as your little champ!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with P

There are many famous faces that come to mind when we think of Celtic names starting with ‘P’. Renowned poet Padraic Pearse, known for his exceptional literary works, had a Celtic name starting with ‘P’. Not to forget, Patrick Stewart, the distinguished actor, also shares this initial Celtic root in his name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PadraigPádraic, PatrickNobleman
PaddyPat, PattyNobleman
ParrParry, PerryChurch, Cathedral
PatonPatten, PattonRoyal
PaulPaull, PaoloHumble
PaynePain, PaneRural District
PearcePierce, PiersRock
PeersPierce, PiersRock
PerryPeri, ParryPear Tree
PhilipPhillip, PhilLover of Horses
PhineasFinn, FinnianOracle
PiarasPierce, PiersRock
PiersonPearson, PierceSon of the rock
PippinPip, PippyAdmirer
PolPaul, PaoloHumble
PoldiPoldie, PoldyBold
PowellPowel, PowallSon of Howell
PrescottPrescot, PrescottePriest’s Cottage
PrestonPres, PrestynPriest’s Estate
PrycePrice, PryseSon of Rhys
PurcellPurcel, PercyPiglet
PymPim, PymsThe crop
PyrrhusPyrrus, PirusFlame-colored
PackardPacker, PackertSack
PackeyPac, PackieNobleman
PaluPablo, PauloHumble
PeallPiall, PealleFrom the town by the pool
PennPen, PinnEnclosure
PentlandPenty, PentLand with a hill
PerkinPerkyn, PerkinsLittle Rock
PerthPirth, PurtThistledown
PicaworthPica, PacaFrom the worthy peak
PierceyPearcy, PierseyRock
PitneyPitny, PitneFrom the island farm
PoldenPoldan, PoldinBold
PrewittPruitt, ProwitBrave little one
PritchardPritchar, PritcherHardy Power
ProbertProbart, ProbirtBright Fame
PurvesPerves, PurvessPurveyor
PymmePimme, PymFrom the apple tree
PaganPagen, PaginCountry dweller
PainePain, PaneRustic, Countryman
PalmerPalmar, PalmirPilgrim
ParkinParkyn, ParkinsLittle Peter
PaulinPaulyn, PaulineSmall, Humble

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with P. We hope these names stirred your imagination and offered some unique choices for your little one. Remember, each name carries its own story and charm. Feel inspired? Check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site and discover the perfect name for your baby. Happy naming!

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