50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Infuse Tradition into the Future

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Hey there, mama-to-be! We know choosing a name for your baby girl is a thrilling quest filled with joy and anticipation. Dive into our curated list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with P, capturing the charisma of the Celtic heritage while promising your baby a unique identity.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with P

From the realm of art to the world of sports, many influential women have carried Celtic names starting with P. One such name is ‘Pádraigín’, famously worn by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, an Irish traditional singer and songwriter. ‘Peyton’, a name of Celtic origin, has been adorned by Peyton List, the versatile American actress known for her roles in Disney’s ‘Jessie’ and ‘Bunk’d’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PadraiginPadrigina, PadrigineNoble
2. PadgetPaget, PagettNoble, Respected
3. PadraPadrah, PadriaNoble
4. PadrinaPadrinah, PadrineNobility
5. PatonPayton, PaytenRoyal
6. PatricePatreece, PatrisseNoble
7. PeigiPeigie, PeiggiPearl
8. PeadarinaPeadarinn, PeadarinnaRock
9. PensePensie, PenseyFeather
10. PenardunPenardune, PenardunnGoddess of the sea
11. PhaedraPhedra, PhadraBright
12. PriscaPriscka, PriskahAncient
13. PercivalPerceval, PercevallPiercing Valley
14. PrunellaPrunelle, PrunelaLittle Plum
15. ProinsiasProinsia, ProinsiassFree
16. PrudencePrudance, PrudenciaCautious, Intelligent
17. PaviaPaviah, PaviyaPeacock
18. PhilomenaPhilomina, PhilomenePowerful Love
19. PhilippaPhilippah, PhilippiaLover of Horses
20. PetronellaPetronelle, PetronellStone
21. PetulaPetulla, PetuliaSeeker
22. PersephonePersephonie, PersphoneBringer of Destruction
23. PerditaPerditta, PerditahLost
24. PenelopePenelopie, PeneloppeWeaver
25. PaolaPawola, PaolahSmall
26. PandoraPandorra, PandoriaAll gifted
27. PallasPallis, PallusWisdom
28. PascalePascal, PaschalPassover
29. PaulinaPauline, PaulinnaSmall
30. PosyPosey, PosieA Bunch of Flowers
31. PoppyPoppie, PoppiRed Flower
32. PetaPetah, PettaGolden Eagle
33. PeytonPayton, PeitonFighting Man’s Estate
34. PearlaPerlina, PerlitaPearl
35. PennaPennah, PeannaFeather
36. PellinorePellinor, PellinoraUnknown
37. PerennaPerennah, PerynnaEverlasting
38. PetraPetria, PetrahRock
39. PernillaPernillah, PernelleRock
40. PernillePernillah, PernylleRock
41. PerrinePerrina, PerrinnaRock
42. PersefoniPersefonie, PersefonyTo Destroy
43. PersisPersys, PersissPersian Woman
44. PersphonePersphoney, PersphonyTo Destroy
45. PetalPetale, PetaalLeaf
46. PetronillePetronillah, PetronylleRock
47. PetuniaPetuniah, PetuneaFlower Name
48. PhaidraPhaidrah, PhaedraBright
49. PhaennaPhaennah, PhaenyaShining
50. PiaPiah, PyaPious, Dutiful

Thank you for exploring our curation of Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with P! Choosing a name is one of the first of many exciting decisions you’ll make as a parent. We hope our list has provided some inspiration. For more unique baby name ideas, continue venturing through our website. Remember, each name carries its own charm and resonance, ready to be discovered by you. Happy name hunting!

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