50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with C: A Unique Name for Your Star

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Choosing a name for your little angel is as enchanting as her first laugh. Our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names starting with C offers a charming blend of history, uniqueness, and beauty, making your quest for the perfect magical moniker a total breeze!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Surprisingly, famous figures like Charlotte Church, the Welsh singer-songwriter, and Ciara, the American Grammy award-winning R&B artist, have Celtic Baby Girl Names starting with C. Their names bear witness to the timeless appeal and global resonance of Celtic names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. CaelanKaelan, KaylanSlender
2. CaelynKaelyn, CailynPure
3. CaireannCareen, CarineLittle beloved one
4. CaitlinKaitlin, CatelinPure
5. CaoimheKeeva, QuivaGentle, beautiful, precious
6. CaraCarrah, KarahFriend
7. CarleenCarline, KarleneLittle champion
8. CarmelKarmel, CarmelleGarden
9. CarolanCarollan, CarolanLittle champion
10. CatrionaKatrina, KaterinaPure
11. CeilidhKayleigh, CaleighParty, celebration
12. CeireCeara, CiraDark-haired
13. CeridwenKeridwen, KerydwenBlessed poetry
14. CiaraCierra, KieraDark
15. CionaKeona, KionaBeauty and grace
16. ClionaCleona, KlyonaShapely
17. ClodaghCloda, KhlodaName of a river in Ireland
18. ClonnieCloney, KlonyGod’s gift
19. CoiraKora, CoraSeething pool
20. ColleenKolleen, ColeenGirl
21. ConaillaConaila, ConaylaHigh might
22. CordaeKordae, KordayHeart, soul
23. CoriannaKorianna, CoryannaSpear
24. CorreenKoreen, KorenMaiden
25. CreidneKreidne, KraydneHearts beloved
26. CrimhthanKrimthan, CrimthanFox
27. CristionaKristiona, CristyonaFollower of Christ
28. CliodhnaCleena, KlionaBeauty of form
29. CairistìonaKairistiona, CorstinaFollower of Christ
30. CaitirKaitir, CateerPure
31. CaitrìonagKatrionag, CaitrionnagePure
32. CaluminaKalumina, CalluminaDove
33. CalvinaKalvina, KalveenaBald
34. CamblaKambla, CambalaCrooked mouth
35. CannaKanna, KanaLove
36. CaoilfhionnKeelin, CaolainnSlim and fair
37. CaoimhghínKevin, KeevanGentle birth
38. CarillaKarilla, KarilaLittle darling
39. CatavienaKatawiena, CataveenaPure life
40. CearballCareball, KarballAlert & watchful
41. CelestiaKaelestia, CelesiaHeavenly
42. CellinaKellina, SelinaHeaven
43. CepaKepa, CeppaChariot
44. ClaressaKlaressa, ClaresaBright, clear
45. CleopatraKliopatra, KleopatraGlory of her father
46. ClethraKliethra, CleatraAlmond-scented
47. ClionaKliana, CleonaBeauty of form
48. ClodoveaKlodovea, KlodoveyaFamous warrior
49. CoilleachCoilach, KoylleachCock, rooster
50. CystenianaKysteniana, CystenyaFlower

Choosing a baby name is both a thrilling and meaningful task, and we’re so glad you joined us to explore these 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names starting with C. We hope our list sparked some inspiration for you! Remember, naming your baby is just the beginning of your incredible journey. For more name ideas and tips, explore more of our enlightening articles on our site. Thank you and happy naming!

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