Explore the Lore: 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with D

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Choosing your baby’s name is like weaving her first fairy tale! If you’re searching for a name that echoes strength, enchantment, and deep-rooted tradition, our list of ’50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with D’ will stir your imagination!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Did you know that ‘Dervla’ is a popular Celtic name meaning ‘daughter of a poet’? Beautiful and sophisticated, it’s been worn by notable people like Dervla Kirwan, a celebrated Irish actress known for her roles in ‘Ballykissangel’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaenaDeana, DaynaLight, Hope
DairaDara, DyraWealthy, Nugget of Wisdom
DamaraDemara, DemiraGentle Girl
DanaDanah, DennaGod is My Judge
DanicaDanika, DannicaMorning Star
DaraDaria, DarraOak Tree
DarcyDarcie, DarciDark One
DariDara, DaryaUpholder of Good
DarinaDarinda, DorinaGift
DavinaDavinah, DavynaBeloved
DeallaDalla, DalyaNoble Protector
DeirdreDeidra, DeedraSorrowful
DelaneyDelainey, DelanieFrom the Alder Grove
DelinaDalina, DelinaNoble, Kind
DemiDeemi, DemyHalf
DeniceDenise, DenyseDevotee of Dionysus
DerryDerrin, DerrynOak Grove
DesmaDesmee, DezmaPledge
DevaDeeva, DivaDivine, God-Like
DevinDevyn, DevinaPoet
DevoeDevowe, DevoueOxen Herder
DianDiann, DiyanDivine
DilysDylis, DelisReliable, Genuine
DioneDeone, DyoneDivine Queen
DixieDiksy, DixiSouth in the U.S
DolaDolla, DullaThe Crown Brings Honor
DolinaDolena, DolynaWorld Ruler
DonaDonah, DonnaLady
DonellaDonnella, DonelaMighty Among Women
DorisDorice, DorrisBounty
DoryDori, DoreyGolden Haired
DotDottie, DottyGift of God
DrinaDrinah, DrynaHelper, Defender
DuanaDuannah, DuanahDark, Swarthy
DubhanDuban, DubhinLittle Dark One
DulcinaDulcinea, DulcenaSweet, Sweetness
DunaDunah, DunnaBrown, Dark
DunlaDunlah, DunalaFort
DwynDwynn, DwinDeep Black
DympnaDymphna, DimnaFawn
DyrfinnaDurfinna, DyrphinaHidden
DyrianaDyrina, DyrienaFierce
DyvekeDyvike, DivekeSmall, Humble
DeaDeah, DiaGoddess
DeirdraDeidrah, DiedraSorrowful Wanderer
DeonaDeo, DeaonaDivine
DerforgalaDerforgal, DerforgilGood Princess
DervlaDervila, DervillaDaughter of a Poet

That’s a wrap on our list of ’50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with D’. We believe a name carries a story and an identity. So, why not make it significant and unique? Thanks for browsing through our list and don’t forget to check out more baby name inspiration on our site. You’re not just naming a baby, you’re giving them their first gift of identity.

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