Infuse Love and Lore with 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with B

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is as thrilling as it is vital; it’s a precious gift that she’ll carry for life. Our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with B offers a unique blend of history, culture, and meaning, sure to add that extra sparkle to your exciting journey of motherhood.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with B

From the enchanting world of art to the corridors of power, Celtic names beginning with B have graced many notable women. Renowned Hollywood actress Bridget Moynahan and the spirited Irish singer and musician Bébhinn Gibbons both wear their Celtic names with pride, offering inspiration for your baby girl’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BriannaBreana, BryannaStrong
2. BrynnBryn, BrynneHill
3. BevinBevyn, BevSinger
4. BláithínBlathin, BlaithinLittle Flower
5. BranwenBronwen, BranwynBeautiful Raven
6. BrigidBridget, BrideStrength or Exalted One
7. BrennanBrenna, BrenanDescendant of the Sad One
8. BrónachBronagh, BronaSadness
9. BergetBirgit, BirgetStrength
10. BeathaBitha, BeathagLife
11. BanbaBanbha, BambaGoddess of the Land
12. BethaBeth, BetteGod is an Oath
13. BiddyBiddey, BedeExalted One
14. BerneenBernae, BerninBrave like a Bear
15. BlaineBlayne, BlaneThin
16. BredaBredStrength or Exalted One
17. BelindaBel, LindaBeautiful serpent
18. BerylBeryle, BerilGemstone
19. BairbreBarbara, BarbieForeign Woman
20. BebhinnBevin, BevHarmonious Woman
21. BideliaBidella, DeliaStrength
22. BriaBri, BreeStrength, Honor
23. BreeBrie, BriStrong
24. BrionaBrionna, BryonaStrong
25. BernadetteBernie, BernBrave as a Bear
26. BritaBretta, BretaStrength or Exalted One
27. BessieBess, BetsyGod is an Oath
28. BronaBronagh, BronnaSorrowful
29. BarbBarbie, BabsForeign Woman
30. BrianaBreeana, BryanaHigh, Noble
31. BeibhinnBevin, BevFair Lady
32. BrinaBrinna, BrynaProtector
33. BroganBrogyn, BrogainLittle Shoe
34. BohdanaBohdanka, DanaGift from God
35. BelyndaBelinda, LynBeautiful Snake
36. BettinaBetti, TinaGod is an Oath
37. BinaByna, BynaSweetness
38. BrankaBrana, BrankaProtected, Glorified
39. BerylBerylla, BerylaSea Jewel
40. BeataBeat, BeaBlessed
41. BlodwenBlodyn, BlodwennWhite Flower
42. BrenBrenne, BrinLittle Drop of Water
43. BeylaBeila, BaylaGoddess
44. BreenaBrenna, BrynaFairy Place
45. BindiBinda, BindeyBeautiful Serpent
46. BlytheBlyth, BlithJoyous
47. BonnieBonny, BonniPretty, Good
48. BrandyBrandi, BrandeBrandy Drink
49. BlazeBlaize, BlaiseFlame
50. BlossomBlosum, BloosomFlower-Like

Thank you for embarking on this enchanting journey with us through 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with B. We hope you’ve uncovered a name that speaks to you and resonates with the beautiful baby girl you’re expecting. Don’t forget to explore our other curated lists of baby names, and continue sprinkling magic on your motherhood journey!

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