50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with A to Celebrate your Roots

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Hey, mom-to-be! Looking for a baby name that will shine as much as your little girl? Dive into our curated list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with A – who knows, you might just find that special name you’ve been searching for.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with A

Let’s get inspired by some influential women who wear Celtic names beginning with A beautifully. Consider Aubrey Plaza, an American actress known for her comedic charm on ‘Parks and Recreation’. There’s also the accomplished Aisling Bea, an Irish actress and comedian who’s been winning hearts around the globe.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AineAina, AynRadiance, Splendor
AlanaAlanna, AllanaBeautiful, Peaceful
AoifeAoifa, AoibheBeauty, Radiance
AileenEileen, AileneLight
AislinAshlin, AislinnDream, Vision
AilaAyla, AelaFrom a strong place
AinsleyAinslee, AnsleyOne’s own meadow
ArianrhodArianrod, AriannrhodSilver wheel
AifricAfric, IfricPleasant, Beautiful
ArinAaron, ArinnIreland
AnyaAnja, AinnaGracious, Merciful
ArtisArtice, ArtysBear Goddess
AerynAryn, ErinIreland
AeronAyron, AerronBerry
AvonmoraAvonmore, AvonmoraGreat River
AelishEilish, AylishGod is my oath
AwenaAlwena, AwennaMuse
AlastrinaAlastriona, AlastrineDefender of mankind
AlmaAlmah, AlmeaGood
AveleenAveleene, AvaleenHazelnut
AlbanaAlbanna, AlbaanaWhite
AlonaAllona, AlonnaOak tree
AleenAleena, AleeneFair, Good-looking
AdairAdaire, AdareFortunate and powerful
AidanAiden, AydenLittle fire
AnnotAnot, AnotteLight
AilisAilish, EilisNoble
AnaAnna, AnneGrace, Favor
AstraAstria, AstaraStar
AelwenAelwenn, AelwenaFair brow
AugustaAugustina, AugustiaMajestic
AnwenAnwenna, AnwennVery fair
AstraiaAstraea, AstriaStar-maiden
AilbheAlva, ElvaBright, White
AllsunAllison, AlisonTruth in defense
AirellAiriel, AiriellEagle ruler
AithneEthne, EithneFire
AleneAlen, AlineBright
AderynAderynn, AderynaBird
AfonAvon, AvenRiver
AibhlinEvleen, EileenLonged for
AneiraAneirra, AneirraGolden
AudraAudri, AudreyNoble strength
AislingAshling, AshlynDream vision
AngharadAngarad, AngharatMuch loved
AoibheannEvian, AoibhinBeautiful
AileenEileen, AyleenLight
AilionoraEilionora, EilanoraLight

Thank you for sharing in the joy of exploring our list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with A. We hope it has sparked inspiration and made your search a tad easier! Don’t forget to check out our other lists for more baby name ideas. After all, choosing a baby name is an exciting journey, and we’re here to journey with you.

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