Unlock a Legacy: 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with D

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Hey there, future mom! Are you on a quest for a distinctive and meaningful name for your little one? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 50 Celtic baby boy names that all start with the delightful letter ‘D’.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with D

The Celtic baby boy names starting with D have been sported by many famous personalities. For instance, the mesmerizing Daniel Day-Lewis, a talented actor known for his gripping performances. Or the admired poet, Dylan Thomas, whose words continue to inspire generations.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaeganDagan, DeeganBlack-haired
DaireDara, DarraghFertile, fruitful
DeclanDeklan, DeaglanFull of goodness
DonovanDonavan, DonavonDark, brown-haired chieftain
DarcyD’Arcy, DarceyDark one
DermotDiarmuid, DermottFree from envy
DoyleDoyel, DoileDark stranger
DaleyDailey, DalyAssembly, council
DarinDarrin, DarrenSmall, great
DalzielDalzell, DalzyellI dare
DevinDevyn, DevanPoet
DillonDylan, DillanLike a lion, loyal
DunstanDunstin, DunstonBrown stone
DaneDayne, DaineValley
DuffDuffe, DufDark, swarthy
DagdaDagdae, DaghdaGood god
DremDreme, DremmWily
DeriDerie, DeryOak
DamanDamen, DamynDivine power
DeaglanDeclan, DeglanFull of goodness
DarrickDerrick, DereckRuler of people
DaimhinDaimhyn, DameonBard, poet
DouglasDouglass, DuglasDark river
DrystanTrystan, TristanTumult, riot
DubhglasDughlas, DubhlgasDark river
DyfedDifed, DyffedAbundance
DelaneyDelanie, DelaineyDark challenger
DonnchadhDonncha, DonnachaBrown, warrior
DermodDermot, DiarmaidFree from envy
DaraDaragh, DarachaOak tree
DanannDanan, DanaanKnowledge
DearbornDerborn, DeerbornStream of the deer
DuffDuf, DuffeDark, swarthy
DesDesi, DesieDesire
DriscolDriscoll, DriskolInterpreter
DuganDougan, DugganDark-haired
DruceDrus, DruisWise, knowing
DrustDruist, DrusttRiot, tumult
DubhDhub, DubhaBlack
DaimhinDaimyn, DameonBard, poet
DarinDarrin, DarenSmall
DarnellDarnelle, DernelleHidden place
DavinDaven, DavenLittle deer
DexDexx, DexiRight-handed, fortunate
DonnanDonnen, DonnanBrown
DruDrew, DruuWise
DeorwineDeowine, DerwineDear friend
DunhamDunhame, DunhumDark home

Wrap Up

And there you have it, 50 Celtic baby boy names beginning with the letter D. We hope this list has brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Don’t stop here, we have many more lists of baby name ideas on our site. Enjoy this special journey, and remember, the best name for your baby is the one chosen with love!

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