50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with V: Tradition Meets Uniqueness

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Hey there, Mama-to-be! As we await the arrival of your little guy, let’s journey into the rich world of Celtic heritage with 50 baby boy names starting with V, each one unique and filled with meaning.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with V

While not a common starting letter for Celtic names, the ‘V’ initial has been graced by influential people. Vaughn, a Celtic-origin name meaning ‘small’, was carried by the iconic American actor Vince Vaughn. His charm and towering presence reflect the strength and uniqueness the letter ‘V’ can bring to your baby boy’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VaileVayle, VailFrom the fortress
2. ValenValan, ValinHealthy
3. VanorVanur, VanarGreat
4. VardonVardan, VardunFrom the green hill
5. VarekVareck, VarickFrom the fortress
6. VarianVarien, VaryanVariable, changeable
7. VasileVasille, VasilRoyal
8. VegaVaga, VegahFalling star
9. VerenVeran, VerinFairy gift
10. VerleVirle, VerleeBeaver stream
11. VernVyrn, VurnAlder tree
12. VernonVernun, VernanAlder tree grove
13. VerrellVerrel, VerrillFaithful
14. VerrillVerril, VerillFaithful
15. VianVyann, ViannAlive
16. VicVick, VikConqueror
17. VictorViktor, VecterChampion
18. VilmosVilmo, VilmasResolute protector
19. VinciVincy, VincieConqueror
20. VinnVynn, VinConquering
21. VintonVintun, VintanVineyard town
22. VirleVerle, VirleeBeaver stream
23. VisiliosVisilion, VisilioRoyal
24. VitalisVytalis, VitaleLife
25. VitoVyto, VittoLife
26. VivekVevik, VivikWise
27. VolneyVolnee, VolniePeople’s spirit
28. VonnVon, VonneHope
29. VontellVontel, VontelPower of the people
30. VoshellVoschell, VoshelFox
31. VoyceVoice, VoicVoice
32. VozVoze, VozzVoice
33. VulcainVulcane, VulcaineFire
34. VulfVulph, VoulfWolf
35. VyanVyann, VianAlive
36. VyctorVektor, VeectorChampion
37. VylisVyliss, VilisResolute protector
38. VyctorVictor, VyktorChampion
39. VynciVinci, VyncieConqueror
40. VynnVinn, VinConquering
41. VyperViper, VyperSerpent
42. VytoVito, VyttoLife
43. VytasVitas, VytosLife
44. VytisVytes, VytysPursuer
45. VerlynVerlin, VerlanBeaver stream
46. VeradisVerades, VeridisTrue
47. VosmyVosmee, VosmieEighth
48. VironVironn, VyronMan
49. VyrenVyrenn, VirenMan
50. VardenVardin, VardunFrom the green hill

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with V. We hope it’s sparked inspiration and made the exciting journey of naming your baby boy a little easier. Don’t forget to check out more fantastic baby name ideas on our site. After all, every name has a story waiting to be shared!

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