50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with U: A List for the Modern Mom

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As an expecting mother, choosing a name for your sweet baby girl can be an exciting yet challenging task. To help you find that perfect name, this list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with U uniquifies your search, introducing you to names that are as unique as they are meaningful.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with U

Ursula, a popular Celtic name, has been borne by multiple notable figures. Ursula Andress, a Swiss film and television actress, is famous for her role as the original Bond girl in “Dr. No”. Ursula Le Guin was an American author, renowned for her speculative fiction, including the Earthsea series. These influential women help illustrate the strength and individuality of Celtic baby girl names that begin with U.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UnaUnah, Oona, Oonagh‘One’ or ‘Lamb’
UlaUlah, Ullah‘Jewel of the sea’ or ‘Sea jewel’
UileUill, Uille‘Intelligent’
UlvaUlvah, Ullva‘Wolf’
UriaUriah, Urya‘The Lord is my light’
UshaUshah, Ushia‘Morning’
UrsaUrsah, Ursea‘Bear’
UtkaUtak, Utake‘Sea jewel’
UdanUdana, Udane‘Waterfall’
UdayUdhay, Udaya‘To rise’
UmiUmmi, Umee‘Life’
UnniUnnie, Unnee‘The loved one’
UrseUrsee, Ursi‘Little bear’
UrieUry, Urey‘God’s light’
UrieUri, Urey‘God’s light’
UlieUly, Ulee‘Jewel of the sea’
UmaUmah, Umma‘The end’
UyenUyenna, Uyenah‘Girls born in the afternoon’
UzmaUzmah, Uzmaa‘The greatest’
UdellUdella, Udelle‘Yew-tree valley’
UdeleUdel, Udalee‘Prosperous’
UshaUshah, Ushae‘Dawn’
UjalaUjalaa, Ujalae‘Brightness’
UlyssesUlysse, Ulyssea‘Wrathful’
UrsulineUrsula, Ursulina‘Bear’
UlimaUlime, Ulimah‘Wise’
UlyanaUliana, Ulyanna‘Youthful’
UmaymaUmaymah, Umayme‘Little mother’
UraUrah, Urra‘The heart’
UshaUshah, Ushae‘Dawn’
UzmaUzmah, Uzmaa‘The greatest’
UlimaUlimah, Ulime‘Wise’
UmayUmaye, Umai‘Hope’
UrieUriey, Urye‘God’s light’
UmayUmai, Umaye‘Hope’
UlimaUlime, Ulimah‘Wise’
UlanUlane, Ulanah‘First-born twin’
UltimaUltimah, Ultimaah‘The farthest’
UrbiUrbie, Urbey‘Princess’
UshnaUshnah, Ushnanah‘Sunny’
UrsaUrsah, Ursae‘Bear’
UrsaUrsah, Ursae‘Bear’
UrsaUrsah, Ursae‘Bear’
UtaUte, Utie‘Wealthy’
UtaUte, Utae‘Wealthy’
UmaUmah, Umma‘The end’
UlaUlah, Ullah‘Jewel of the sea’
UmiUmmi, Umee‘Life’
UmaUmmah, Umma‘The end’
UshaUshah, Ushae‘Dawn’
UshaUshah, Ushae‘Dawn’

We hope you’ve found inspiration within our list of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with U. Each name carries a unique blend of heritage and charm, perfect for your little one on the way. We encourage you to continue exploring our website for more baby name ideas, and to remember the joy and significance in the process of choosing a name for your baby girl. Thanks for reading!

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