50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with V: Discover Enchanting Choices

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Choosing a name for our little ones is like shaping their first personal treasure. As we embark on this journey, let’s uncover the charm of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with V, promising a unique blend of the old world charm and modern style.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with V

From illustrious figures like Vanessa Redgrave, an acclaimed actress, to Vivian Leigh, an ageless beauty and talented actress, names starting with ‘V’ have been worn by influential women. These names are a testament to the power and grace that Celtic baby girl names starting with V can encapsulate.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VevilaVevela, VevillaHarmony
2. VionaViyona, VyonaFair
3. VevinaVaivina, VivinaSweet lady
4. VanoraVenora, VanoreaWhite wave
5. VaileaValea, ValeyFrom the resilient place
6. VeiraVeria, VaeraTruth
7. VesnaVezna, VesnayaMessenger
8. VoesiaVoecia, VoesyaPoetic
9. VedaVedah, VidyaKnowledge, Wisdom
10. VerdaVerdia, VirdaGreen
11. VesperaVespara, VesperiaEvening star
12. ViviannaViviana, VyviannaAlive
13. VelikaVelikah, VelikyaGreat
14. VidaVeeda, VydaLife
15. ValdaValka, ValidaPower, rule
16. VenetiaVenecia, VenitiaBlessed
17. VernaVernah, VyernaSpring-like
18. VerityVeritee, VeritiTruth
19. VespaVesper, VespahWasp
20. VestaVestah, VyestaPure
21. VidaVyda, VidahLife
22. VinettaVineta, VynettaVineyard
23. VirginiaVerginia, VirginyaPure
24. VenaVyna, VeenaVineyard
25. VivekaVivecka, VyvekaLittle woman
26. VedaVedah, VeddaWisdom, knowledge
27. VeronaVeronna, VeronneTruth
28. VitaVitta, VytaLife
29. VestaVysta, VestahPure
30. VervainVervayne, VervaineSacred branch
31. VerbenaVerbina, VerbenahSacred bough
32. VikaVyka, VickaVictory
33. VolaVolla, VolahPeople’s guardian
34. VioletVioleta, VyoletPurple, Faithfulness
35. VilletteVyolette, VillettSmall town
36. VincenzaVincenca, VinchenzaConquering
37. VisteaVistia, VysteaSight
38. VaniaVanya, VaniahButterfly
39. VivienneViviene, VivianeAlive, vibrant
40. VardiaVardiah, VardiyaRose
41. VritaVritah, VyritaEnclosed, covered
42. ValeriaValeria, ValerriaStrong, Healthy
43. VesperVespera, VespahEvening Star
44. ValoniaValonya, ValoniahValley
45. VericaVericka, VerikaFaith, Truth
46. ValoriaValorya, ValoriyaStrength, Courage
47. VatlanaVatlanah, VatlaniaHomeland
48. VuelekaVueleka, VualekaBlessed and Healthy
49. VuvinaVuveena, VuvynaLove, Affection
50. VednaVednah, VedanaSacred wisdom

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of exploring 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with V. We hope this list has sparked some inspiration for your baby’s name. For more curated lists of baby name ideas, don’t hesitate to explore the rest of our site. Remember, the perfect name awaits you!

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