50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with A: Explore the Lore

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Hey there mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a baby name that’s both unique and rich in heritage, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with A, just for you.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Celtic baby boy names starting with A have left a distinct mark on the world. Take famed Irish footballer Cian Bolger, and Aidan Turner, the heartthrob Irish actor who’s captured many hearts with his talent.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AidanAiden, AydenLittle fiery one
AlastarAlistair, AleisterDefender of mankind
AlynAlan, AllenHandsome
ArlenArlyn, ArlennPromise, oath
ArdalArdghal, ArdellHigh valor
ArtairArthur, ArturBear, stone
AindreasAndre, AndreasManly, brave
AilinAlin, AilenLight
AdhamhAdam, AdemOf the earth
AodhAed, AiFire
AodhanAidan, AydenLittle fiery one
ArnallArnell, ArnalEagle power
ArdelArdell, ArdaelEager, industrious
AtholAtholl, AthelNew Ireland
AilfridAlfred, AlfridWise counselor
AilpeanAlpin, AlpineWhite
AindriuAndriu, AndruManly
AnntoinAnton, AnthonyPriceless, inestimable
AindriúAndrew, AndreManly, brave
AilillAillell, AililElf
AilpeinAlpin, AlpenWhitened
AindréasAndre, AndreasManly, brave
AilligAilig, AiliFrom the stony place
AinmireAnmire, AenmireGreat lord
AirellAirel, AirelNobleman
AinleAenle, AenleyChampion
AodhganAodhan, AydanLittle fire
AodhaAda, AydaFire
AonghusAngus, AnusStrength
ArailtHarelt, HaraltLeader
ArdanArdana, ArdaneHigh aspiration
ArdghalArdal, ArdelHigh valor
ArdkillArdkil, ArkilFrom the high church
ArdgallArdgal, ArdgalloHigh valor
ArdleyArdlea, ArdleighHome lover
ArdmillanArdmlan, ArdmilanFrom the high church
ArdmoreArdmor, ArdmorrBig, high
ArdonArdun, ArdennEnthusiast
ArevirArevyr, ArevirePeople’s guardian
AsaAsah, AsarHealer
AibneAbne, AibanFire
AimilionaEmiliona, AimilioneIndustrious
AineislisAineisli, AneislesGlory
AithneAthne, AythneFire
AlastromAlastrum, AlistromMan’s defender
AlpinAlpine, AlpenWhite
AmhlaibhAmhlaib, AmlaibhAncestor

Wrap Up

Thanks so much for joining us on this wonderful journey of naming your little one. We hope our curated list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with A has sprinkled some inspiration into your quest! Don’t forget, we have heaps more baby name idea lists on our site for you to explore—let’s keep the name discovery rolling!

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