50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With W for the Little Miracle

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Choosing a name for your baby is like weaving the first thread of their beautiful life story. Our curated list of “50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With W” will help you find a name that is rich in meaning, timeless, and beautiful – just like your little one!

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With W

From famous musicians to influential writers, many women were inspired by biblical girl names beginning with ‘W’. Wendy O. Williams, a punk rock icon, is but one example. Another is Whitney Houston, the award-winning music legend with a name full of strength and significance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WhitneyWhitnie, WhittneyWhite Island
2. WendyWendie, WendiWanderer
3. WinifredWinnifred, WynifredBlessed Peace
4. WandaWandah, VandaShepherdess; Wanderer
5. WilmaVilma, WillmaProtection
6. WillaWillia, WiliaResolute Protection
7. WrenWrenn, WrynnSmall Bird
8. WynneWynn, WinFair, Pure
9. WillowWillough, WilowSlender; Graceful
10. WaverlyWaverley, WaverleeMeadow of Quivering Aspens
11. WailaniWailany, WailannieHeavenly Water
12. WendiWendy, WendieFriend
13. WafiaWafiya, WafiahTrustworthy
14. WylaWila, WylahLoyal
15. WaynaWaina, WainaYoung Woman
16. WadiaWadiya, WadiyahGentle
17. WandaWandah, VandaWander
18. WinnieWinny, WynnieGentle Friend
19. WaverleyWaverlee, WaverlyQuaking Aspen
20. WafaWafah, WafaaFaithfulness
21. WrennaWrenna, WrenahSmall Vibrant Bird
22. WanaWanah, WannahGod Is Gracious
23. WilhelminaWilhelmine, WillaminaResolute Protection
24. WiktoriaWiktorija, WiktoriyaVictory
25. WilonaWilone, WilonahDesired
26. WinterVinter, WynterThe Season
27. WendellWendelle, WendelValley Wanderer
28. WynnifredWinnifred, WynifredFriend of Peace
29. WyldaWilda, WyldahUntamed
30. WisteriaWistaria, WysteriaWister’s Flower
31. WidadWidaad, WidadaLove, Friendship
32. WindyWindi, WindieWind
33. WyomeWyomie, WyomiaWide Plain
34. WildaWylde, WyldaWild
35. WyettaWyett, WyettaWar Strength
36. WaldenWallden, WalldeneValley of the Welsh
37. WyndiWindy, WindiWinding Lane
38. WynnstanWynstan, WinnstanStone of Joy
39. WallisWaliss, WalyssFrom Wales
40. WeldaWeldah, WelldaPowerful Ruler
41. WestinaWestinna, WestynaWestern Town
42. WalburgaWalborg, WalburgStrong Defender
43. WyanetWyanett, WyannetBeautiful
44. WynelleWynell, WinnelleFair Shoulder
45. WincelWinzel, WynzelFriendly Victory
46. WeemaWeema, WyemaDedicated
47. WafiqahWafiqa, WafiqhaSuccessful
48. WaynetteWaynet, WayneeteWagon Maker
49. WillettaWillette, WilliettaLittle Desired One
50. WynstelleWinstelle, WinndelleStar of Joy

As we wrap up our list of 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With W, we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of this exciting journey. Each name holds a unique meaning, ready to be bestowed upon your precious one. Don’t stop here! Continue your discovery and check out more baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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