50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With W: Embrace Your Faith & Heritage

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Hey mama-to-be! Isn’t it exciting to think about all the love, joy, and sleepless nights ahead? But first things first. Choosing the perfect name for your little boy. We’ve handpicked 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With W to help you find a name that’s as unique and cherished as your bub will be.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With W

There are several influential figures that share these Biblical names. For instance, consider Walt Whitman, the renowned American poet, or William Wilberforce, the English politician who played a pivotal role in ending the transatlantic slave trade. These names have not only stood the test of time but have been worn by individuals that left a significant impact on our world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WilliamWill, Liam, BillResolute protector
2. WesleyWes, LesMeadow near the west
3. WarrenWarr, RenA place of rabbits
4. WalterWalt, WallieArmy ruler
5. WyattWye, WyBrave in war
6. WadeWad, WaideRiver crossing
7. WalterWaltRuler of an army
8. WardWord, WardeGuardian
9. WinstonWin, WynnJoy stone
10. WayneWaine, WaynWagon maker
11. WynnWyn, WinFriend
12. WellsWell, WelsSpring
13. WestinWest, WesWestern town
14. WrayRay, WraeCorner, angle
15. WebleyWeb, WebbA weaver
16. WilburnWilbur, WilberBright will
17. WoodrowWood, RoweThe row of houses by the wood
18. WhitmanWhit, WhitieWhite man
19. WatsonWats, WatSon of Walter
20. WelbyWelbie, WelbeFarm near the well
21. WarfieldWar, FieldFrom the field by the weir
22. WarrickWar, WickStrong leader who defends
23. WinstoneWinn, StoneStone of joy
24. WainrightWain, RightWagon maker
25. WhitlockWhit, LockWhite lock
26. WaverlyWave, VerlyMeadow of quivering aspens
27. WestwoodWest, WoodWestern woods
28. WeemsWeem, WeemsyCave
29. WhittakerWhit, TakerWhite field
30. WilmerWil, MerFamous desire
31. WolcottWol, CottCottage in the wolf territory
32. WorthWor, WorthyFarm
33. WycliffWyc, CliffVillage near the cliff
34. WinsomeWin, SomeAttractive
35. WirtWurth, WorthWorthy
36. WisemanWise, WisdomWise man
37. WylanWy, LanSon of the wolf
38. WiltonWil, TonTown with a willow tree
39. WoodfordWood, FordFord by the wood
40. WestbrookWest, BrookWestern stream
41. WyndhamWind, HamVillage on the windy hill
42. WeldonWeld, DonHill near a spring
43. WheatleyWheat, LeyWheat field
44. WilloughbyWill, ByWillow farm
45. WoodbridgeWood, BridgeBridge in the wood
46. WadsworthWad, WorthVillage near the ford
47. WinslowWin, SlowHill of victory
48. WhitfieldWhit, FieldWhite field
49. WalkerWal, KerCloth-walker
50. WhitfordWhit, FordWhite ford

Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us and exploring our list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With W. Remember, each name carries its own story and significance. We hope you’ve found some inspiration here and encourage you to check out more of our baby name lists. After all, your baby’s name is the first gift you’ll give them, so make it meaningful!

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