Searching for Perfection? 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With V

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Hey there, mommas-to-be! Are you on the hunt for that picture-perfect name for your baby boy? Dive into our list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With V for some divine inspiration.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With V

You might be familiar with the American actor Viggo Mortensen, who shares his name with one of our biblical baby boy names beginning with V. “Viggo” is of Danish origin, appearing in old Norse sagas, an interesting pick if you’re looking for something unique and biblically related.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ValensValence, ValanceHealthy, Strong
2. VasileiosVasile, VasilRoyal, Kingly
3. VaniahVanyahGod is Merciful
4. VincentVince, VinnieConquering
5. VictorVic, VitoWinner, Champion
6. VashniVasni, VashnieSecond
7. ValorValore, ValourBravery, Courage
8. VarkasVarka, VarkaseEnclosure
9. VeredVerid, VeredyRose
10. VulcanVolcan, VulcaneFire
11. VaughnVon, VaughneLittle
12. VireoVireyo, VireeA small greenish bird
13. VedanVedon, VedenKnowledge
14. VeritasVeritaz, VeritaseTruth
15. VoshVoshe, VoshaGift of God
16. VirgilVergil, VirgillStaff Bearer
17. VitusVito, VitasLife, Living
18. VidarVedar, VidarrWide Warrior
19. VilmarVilmer, VilmaroResolute, Famed
20. VaclavVatslav, VaclavaGlory of the Wends
21. VardanVardane, VardanneRose giver
22. ValdisValdy, ValdiePower, Rule
23. VachelVachele, VachellSmall Cow
24. ValeriusValerio, ValerianStrong, Healthy
25. VoltaireVoltayre, VolteireOf Volterra
26. VascoVascko, VaskoCrow
27. VolkerVolckher, FolkerPeople’s Guard
28. ValentinValentine, ValenteenHealth, Love
29. VerleVerlee, VerlieBeaver stream
30. VitationVitateon, VitatianLife
31. VernonVernan, VerninYouthful, Spring-like
32. VikingVike, VikSea Rover
33. VilmosVilmo, VilmasResolute Protector
34. VanceVanc, VanseThresher
35. VitalisVitale, VitaLife
36. VardenVardenn, VardanFrom the Green Hill
37. ViridianViridion, VirideanGreen
38. VernerVernor, VernerDefender Army
39. VashonVashonn, VashanGift of God
40. VergeVerg, VergeA boundary or border
41. VoxVoxx, VoksVoice
42. VrainVraine, VraneRaven
43. VidVidd, VydWood
44. VesperVespere, VespurEvening Star
45. ViceVyce, VicSubstitute
46. VirendraVirender, VirendarLord of Heroes
47. ViatorVyator, ViaTraveler
48. VishalVishala, VishelHuge, Broad
49. VidalVidel, VidaliLife
50. VirtusVirtuz, VirtuseVirtue

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With V. We hope it’s left you feeling inspired and excited to christen your little one with a name that’s just as special as he is. Don’t forget to check out more of our carefully curated baby name lists for more inspiration. Happy name hunting!

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