50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With V: Dive into a Sea of Sanctity

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Hello Mama-to-be! We know picking the perfect name for your baby girl is a big deal. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With V to inspire you.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With V

Names carry weight, and many notable women with Biblical names beginning with V have left their mark. Take for instance Victoria, a name shared by the longest-reigning Queen of England and the popular pop singer Victoria Beckham. There’s also Veronica, a name beloved by Hollywood, including Veronica Lake, the iconic film noir actress.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ValeryValarie, ValeriaTo be strong, to be healthy
VaniaVanya, VannieGod is gracious
VeraVerah, VerenaTruth, Faith
VerityVerita, VeritieTruth
VeronaVerone, VeronahVictor, Winner
VestaVestie, VestinaGoddess of the hearth
VidaVeeda, ViedaLife
VilmaVilmarie, VilminaResolute protection
VineVinie, ViniaVineyard
VitaVitta, VitahLife
VivianViviana, ViviannaAlive
VanoraVanorah, VanoriaWhite wave
VashtiVashtee, VashtiaBeautiful
VevinaVevinah, VevynaSweet lady
ViennaViennah, ViyennaFrom wine country
VinaVinah, VeenaVineyard
VinitaVinitah, VeenitaKnowledge
VioricaViorika, VyoricaBluebell
ViridianaViridian, ViridianeGreen, Fresh
VirnaVirnah, VyirnaSpringlike
VisionVizion, VisiunVision, Dream
VitaVyta, VytahLife
VoletaVoletah, VioletaVeiled
VondaVondah, VyondaDesired
VelmaVelmah, VelmiStrong protector
VerbenaVerbenah, VerbynaHoly plants
VerginiaVirginia, VerginiaPure, Virginal
VestaVestah, VestiaGoddess of the home and hearth
VenusVenuss, VeenusGoddess of love
VesperVespera, VesprEvening star
VizaVizah, VyzaOlive tree
VenusVenis, VinusLove, Charm, Beauty
VernalVernall, VernaleOf the spring
VerveVerv, VervieSpirit, Vigor
VineetaVineetha, VinetaHumble
VioletViolette, VioletaPurple/blue flower
VivaVivah, VyvaAlive, Living
VivianaViviane, ViviannaLife
VolanteVolanta, VolantheFlying
VoshellVoshelle, VosheleWater spring
VardaVardah, VardhaRose, Pink
VersaVersah, VersyaTrue
VerneVernie, VerniSpring green
VelvetteVelvet, VelvettaSoft, Smooth
VellamoVellamoh, VellamoeTo surge, To swell
VeeraVeerah, ViraBrave, Hero
VeldaVeldah, VeldhaPower, Ruler
VedetteVedetta, VedettWatch tower
VeatriceViatrice, VyatriceShe who blesses

Thanks for joining us as we explored these 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With V, each one is a gem waiting to be discovered. Choosing your baby’s name is a significant step, and we hope we’ve provided some inspiration. Don’t hesitate to delve into more of our baby name lists – you might just find that perfect name you’re searching for. Happy naming!

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