Discover Tradition: 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

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Hello future mom! If you’re looking for a name that’s rich in tradition and unique for your little one, you’re in the right place. We’ve got an inspiring list of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with B ready for you!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

When it comes to Celtic baby boy names starting with B, there’s no shortage of notable figures. Take Brendan Gleeson, the talented Irish actor known for his roles in blockbuster movies. Or consider Brian Boru, a historical Irish king who left a significant mark in history.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BlairBlaire, BlayrField, plain
BranBron, BrannRaven
BrendanBrenden, BrendonLittle prince
BrianBryan, BryenNoble, strong
BrodyBrodie, BroddyDitch
BairdBard, BayrdBard, poet
BarclayBarcley, BarkleyBirch tree meadow
BenenBenon, BennenKind
BlaineBlayne, BlaneThin, lean
BriceBryce, BryseSpeckled, freckled
BruceBruice, BruseFrom the brushwood thicket
BoydBoyde, BoyedYellow, blond
BoyleBoyel, BoielHaving profitable attributes
BreckBrek, BreckeFreckled
BroganBrogann, BrogenLittle shoe
BurleyBurlie, BurleeMeadow with knotty-trunk trees
BurnsBurnes, BurnisFrom the brook
ByrnesByrnis, ByrnysFrom the brook
BrettBret, BretteFrom Britanny
BrockBrok, BrocBadger
BrynBrynn, BrynneHill
BanningBannin, BannynSmall and fair
BarryBarrie, BariFair-haired
BeagBeog, BeegLittle
BedwyrBedwer, BedweirGrave-keeper
BerachBerac, BerackSharp, pointed
BertholdBerthuld, BertholedBright ruler
BironByron, ByrinAt the byres
BowenBohan, BowinSon of Owen
BradyBradi, BradeySpirited, broad
BranokBranock, BrannokRaven
BredonBreden, BreedonHill at the border
BrencisBrenkis, BrenchisKing
BrettonBretten, BrettunFrom Britain
BronsinBronsyn, BronsenSon of the brown man
BruleBrul, BruelFrom the hill slope
ByfordBiford, ByfordeFrom the cattle ford
ByrtelByrtell, BirtelFrom the bird hill
BarrclayBarrklay, BarrkleyBirch tree meadow
BaedanBaedun, BaedonBoisterous
BeolaghBeolach, BeolagMighty
BeattieBeatti, BeatteFire
BirkitaBirkit, BirkiteStrength
BlathmaBlathme, BlathmaeFlower
BraedonBraedun, BraedenBroad hillside
BrutusBrute, BrutisHeavy, slow
BrychanBrycan, BrycenSpeckled
BartramBertram, BartrammeBright, raven

Wrap Up

What a journey we’ve had delving into these 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with B. We hope our collection has sparked some inspiration for your precious baby’s name! Feel free to continue exploring the many other baby name idea lists on our site. We’re here to help make your baby name journey as exciting and joyful as possible!

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