50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With O That Radiate Grace

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We totally get it, choosing a name for your little one is a monumental task. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with our handpicked list of 50 Biblical baby girl names starting with O, loaded with uniqueness and rich meanings.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With O

It’s quite impressive how names connect generations, especially when they’re biblically inspired. Take Oprah, a variation of the biblical name Orpah, who has profoundly impacted the world with her media empire. Or consider pop icon Olivia Newton-John, whose name traces back to the biblical Olive, symbolizing peace.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OrpahOprah, OrphaFawn, Gazelle
OraOrah, Oran, OrahleeLight, Dawn
OrliOrlee, Orly, OrleaMy Light
OdedaOdedah, Odede, OdedahRestoring, Leading
OraleeOralie, Oraly, OrianaGod’s Light
OmikaOmikee, Omikah, OmekaGod’s Child
OdeletOdell, Odelette, OdelePraise, Song
OneidaOneedah, Onida, OnedahPraised, Wanted
OholibahOholiba, OholibamahMy Tent is in Her
OritOrith, Oryt, OrythLight
OtzarahOtzarrah, OtzarahhTreasure, Wealth
OrabelOrabelle, Orabella, OrbellePrayerful, Beautiful
OphrahOfrat, Ofrah, OphiraFawn, Young Deer
OrnettaOrnet, Ornette, OrnetahCedar Tree
OrphaOrphah, Orfa, OrfahFawn, Gazelle
ObadiahObeda, Obadia, ObedythServant of God
OrlenaOrleana, Orlien, OrlyneGolden, The Light
OrahleeOralee, Oraleea, OraliGod’s Light
OthnielOthneel,Othniela,OthniellaGod is My Hour
OrlianneOrlian, Orlyann, OrlianaGod is My Light
OtheliahOthelia, Othalie, OthelyaPraiser of God
OrielOrielle, Oriela, OryelGod is My Light
OrpahelOrphael, Orphale, OrphalFawn of God
OthniellaOthniell, Othiel, OthneillaGod is My Hour
OdelaOdelia, Odel, OdelePraise, Song
OttaviaOttavie, Ottaviah, OttoBorn Eighth
OvedaOvedah, Oved, OvdaWorshipper, Follower
OlivetOliver, Olive, OlivettaOlive Tree
OlamahOlamahh, Olama, OlmahYouthful, Young
OrithiaOrthia, Orthya, OrthiahTo Prick, To Blossom
OsheaOsheah, Oshae, OshiSalvation
OrellaOrella, Orelya, OrelaAnnouncement from God
OlenaOlenah, Olen, OlennaTower
OmaOmaah, Omah, OmaaLife Giver
OraiahOraya, Oraia, OrahyaGod is My Light
OscarethOsareth, Oskareth, OscaretheGod’s Justice
OphelieOphellie, Opheli, OphelyHelp
ObeliaObeleah, Obeliah, ObelePillar of Strength
OrpheaOrpheah, Orfeah, OrpheaDarkness
OseeOsey, Oseea, OsieSalvation
OnitaOnitah, Oneeta, OneitahGrace, Mercy
OritzaOritzah, Oritsah, OritzaaLight
OfritOfreet, Ofrith, OfreethBird, Sparrow
OmegaOmegah, Omeka, OmeghaLast, End
OrsaOrsah, Orsaa, OrzaLittle She-bear
OrpazOrpazz, Orpas, OrpazahGold, Wealth
OritheaOrithia, Oritheaah, OrithiahDawn, Sunrise
OmegaOmegah, Omeka, OmeegaLast, End
OdelinaOdelinah, Odelin, OdelindaSmall, Little
OrsaOrsah, Orsaa, OrzaLittle She-bear
OrnaOrnah, Ornan, OrnnaCedar Tree

Thanks for journeying through our collection of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with O. We hope it has inspired you, giving you a starting point, or maybe even the final choice for your little girl’s name. Continue exploring and be inspired by checking out other baby name idea lists on our site!

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