Inspire and Delight: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With P

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Choosing a name for your little one is like choosing a lifelong gift for him. It’s a happy, exciting journey, especially when you dive into our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with P. These names carry a blend of history, faith and yet, remain unique and timeless.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With P

From the world of politics to entertainment, Biblical baby boy names beginning with ‘P’ have left a mark. Consider ‘Paul’, like Paul McCartney, the legendary musician from The Beatles, or ‘Peter’, as in Peter Thiel, the innovative tech entrepreneur, who co-founded PayPal. These names have a rich history and cultural impact, illustrating the powerful legacy your little one can carry forward.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PaulPaolo, Pavel, PoulSmall, Humble
PeterPietro, Petrus, PiotrRock, Stone
PhilipPhillip, Felipe, PhilippHorse Lover
PhilemonFilemon, PhilemonasLoving, Affectionate
PhineasPhineus, PhinehasNubian
PenuelPeniel, ParnellFace of God
PerezPeretz, PerezBreach, Break
PelatiahPalti, PaltielDeliverance of the Lord
PaseahPaseachHe that extends, spreading
PaltiPelatiahMy Deliverance
ParmashtaParmashtasThat speaks for a month
ParoshPareshThe flea, the louse
PeninnahPeninnaPearl, Gem
PethuelPethuw’elVision of God
PereshPeresThe breaker, the only one
PedaiahPedaiaRedemption of the Lord
PedahzurPedahelA rock that redeems
PeterPetrus, PierreRock
PeulthaiPeulotaiHasten to the Lord
PharezPerez, PharezBreak, Breach
PhicolPicholThe mouth of all
PhurahPurahBranch, that bears, growing
PilhaPilhahGreat work of the Lord
PirathonPiretonHis Excellency, His Deliverance
PocherethPocheretHamstringing an ox
PotipharPotipheraDedicated to the Sun
PotipherahPoutipharHe whom the sun has given
PuahPuwahGirl, corner
PudensPudentiusModest, Bashful
PuteoliPuteolusLittle wells
PudensPuden, PudenceModest
PersisPersi, PersidaPersian woman
PontiusPontia, PontusOf the sea
PaphosPaphusHot, Fiery
PatmosPatmusMy killing
PersiaPersi, PersianaThat cuts or divides
PhiletusPhiletosBeloved, approved
PhlegonPhlegontasBurning, hot
PriscaPriska, PriscillaAncient
PriscillaPris, PrissyAncient, Primitive
ProchorusProchorosLeader of the dance
PubliusPublia, PublioFor the people
PurPuri, PuraLot

Choosing a name for your baby is a joyous adventure, and we thank you for letting us be a part of it. We hope our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with P has filled you with inspiration and excitement. Don’t forget, we have plenty more baby name idea lists brimming with meaningful, unique names on our site. So, keep exploring and enjoy this beautiful naming journey!

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