50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With P For Your Little Angel

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Hey, Mom-to-be! We know picking a name for your little one can be overwhelming. Fret not, as we’re here to make your journey easier with our list of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with P. This list isn’t just about names, but tales of strength and grace too!

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With P

Did you know Priscilla Shirer, a renowned motivational speaker and author, carries a beautiful biblical girl name starting with P? Or how about Peninnah, like Peninnah Schram, the celebrated Jewish storyteller? These names not only sound lovely but are also steeped in historic and religious significance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PriscillaPrisca, PricilaAncient
PeninnahPenina, PennaPearl
PatiencePatiance, PatienciaVirtue of patience
PhoebePhebe, FebeBright, pure
PetronellaPetrona, PernelStone, rock
PhilomenaFilomena, PhilomeneLover of strength
PersisPerssis, PersysFrom Persia
PaxPaxton, PaxtenPeace
PalmaPalmira, PalmeedaPalm tree
PersiaPersya, PersyahFrom Persia
PatiaPatiah, PateaLeaf
PenuelPeniel, PenuelaFacing God
PortiaPorsha, PorschiaOffering
PhaennaPhaenna, PhaenahShining
PhotinePhotina, PhoteeneLight
PhyraPhira, PyraFiery
PrimaPrima, PrimahFirst
PrudencePrudens, PrudenciaCaution, discretion
PtolemaPtolema, PtolemeaWarlike
PalluPallua, PallueDistinguished
PantheaPantheea, PantheyaOf all gods
PartheniaParthena, ParthenyaVirgin
ParaskeveParaskevi, ParaskevaPreparation
PathinaPathyna, PatinaPath, way
PeliaPelya, PeleaMarvel of God
PersephonePersefoni, PersephoniBringer of destruction
PhilaPhilia, FiliaLove
PhilippaFilipa, PhilipeaLover of horses
PhyllisPhylis, PhilisGreen bough
PitanaPithana, PitanahPithos, jar
PolyxenaPolixena, PolyxeneaHospitality
PoppaeaPoppa, PoppayaGazing
ProkrisProcris, ProkrisaIce, cold
ProserpinaProserpyna, ProserpineaTo emerge
PsychePsiche, PsykheSoul
PulcheriaPulcheriah, PulcheriyaBeautiful
PyrrhaPyrrah, PirraRed-haired
PadmaPadmah, PadmahaLotus
PalestinePalastina, PalestynaLand of sojourners
ParacleteParacleta, ParacleetaAdvocate
ParmenasParmenas, ParmenesAbiding, enduring
ParnassiaParnassya, ParnasyaOf Parnassus
PasitheaPasitea, PasitheaAll-seeing
PenthiaPenthiah, PenthyaOf Penthos
PeriPerie, PerryFruit
PhilomelaPhilomella, FilomelaLover of song
PlacidaPlacyda, PlacidyaCalm, Placid
PorphyriaPorphyria, PorfyriaPurple
PriamPriamus, PriamosRansomed

Thank you for taking the time to explore our carefully curated list of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with P. We hope it sparks inspiration and helps you find the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name lists on our site for endless naming possibilities. Happy naming!

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