50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With O that Have Ageless Appeal

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is one of the most thrilling decisions you’ll make as an expecting mom. Dive into our heartwarming list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with O, each filled with divine grace and timeless charm.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With O

From celebrated scholars to influential leaders, the power of Biblical baby boy names beginning with O is evident. Take ‘Obadiah’, for instance, a name shared by Obadiah Holmes, an influential advocate for religious freedom in early American history. Or consider ‘Ori’, a name that graces Ori Pfeffer, the versatile Israeli-American actor. These names carry a legacy of strength and resonance, perfect for your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ObadiahObadia, ObediaServant of God
OrenOran, OrrinPine tree
OmarOmarr, OmerFlourishing life
OranOrin, OrenLight
OsheaO’shea, OsheSalvation
OthnielOtniel, OthneilLion of God
OzniOznai, OzzniMy ear; my hearkening
OzemOzemmTheir eagerness
OrionOryan, OrienRising in the sky; dawning
OrnanOrnanThat rejoices
OphirOfir, OferGold
OgOhgA cake; bread baked in ashes
OmarOhmarEloquent, Speaker
OtniOtny, OtneeHe has given
OholiabOholiaThe father’s tent
OnesiphorusOnesiforusProfit bringer
OnOnnIniquity; force; riches
OchranOchranTheir trouble
ObothObowthDragons; fathers; desires
OdedOdeddTo restore
OsiasOsia, OseasSalvation
OthniOthnee, OthnyMy time
OhelOhellAn ancestor’s tent
OphrahOfrah, OfratA fawn
OmerOhmerHe that speaks; bitter
OphniOphneeTired; weary
ObalObal, ObaalInconvenience of old age
OshaiOshay, OshaOffering
OziOzee, OzyMy strength
OphelOphellDarkness, cloud
OfniOfnee, OfniMy iniquity
OrenOrren, OrranPine tree
ObilObill, ObelWho weeps; who deserves to be bewailed
OnoOnno, OnowGrief or strength or iniquity of him
ObothObboth, ObaothWater skins
OchranOchhronNose; anger
OrebOrebb, OribA crow
OrnanOrnon, OrnanThat rejoices
OholiabOholiyab, OholyabFather’s tent
ObadObadd, ObadServant of God
OzemOzm, OzzemStrong, powerful
OthnielOthneil, OtneilLion of God
OrhamOrhham, OrhammTheir trouble
OrOrr, OrreLight
OzielOzziel, OzyelStrength of God
OphirOfir, OfyrWealth
ObedObbed, ObidServing, worshipping

Thank you for venturing through our carefully curated list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with O. We hope it’s been an exciting and enlightening journey for you! Feel stirred to continue exploring? We have a trove of other baby name idea lists waiting to inspire you. Happy naming!

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