50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With N: Discover Timeless Choices

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Choosing a name for your little one is a thrill like no other! Why not add a dash of spirituality to this joyous journey? Discover our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with N – each one unique, filled with meaning, and just waiting to be adored!

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With N

Let’s dig into the archives and find some inspiration from remarkable individuals with biblical names beginning with N. Nathaniel Hawthorne, a celebrated American novelist of the 19th century, is an example of a notable figure. Then there’s Noah Webster, an American lexicographer, who left his mark in the world of words. These names not only resonate with tradition but also bring a touch of distinction.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NahumNuhum, NaumComforter
NathanielNathan, NateGift of God
NeriNery, NeriahMy candle, light
NehemiahNehemias, NemoGod’s comfort
NoahNoach, NoeRest, comfort
NodNodab, NodaWandering
NoamNoami, NaamanDelight, pleasantness
NicanorNikanor, NickConqueror
NicodemusNicodemo, NicodeemInnocent blood
NymphasNymphaios, NymfaBridegroom
NabothNabot, NaboFruits, prophecies
NainNaim, NaeemBeauty, pleasantness
NaphtaliNaphtalie, NephthaliMy struggle
NathanNathon, NathenGift from God
NekodaNikoda, NecodaMarked
NisanNissan, NissonMiracle
NissimNissin, NisimMiracles
NormNorman, NormieNorthman
NuntiusNuncio, NunzioMessenger
NymphiosNymphius, NymphusBridegroom
NablusNabulus, NabluFertile
NeliahNelia, NiliahGod’s achievement
NeboNebu, NaboProphet
NemeaNemeah, NemiaFreshwater
NeronNerone, NerronStrong, stern
NymphodorusNymphodorus, NymphodorusGift of the Bride
NicopolisNikopolis, NicopolusCity of victory
NicanNikan, NicannClear, pure
NaoumNaum, NawumComforter
NectariusNektarius, NectariosOf the Nectar
NechemyaNechmya, NechemyahComforted by God
NissiNissy, NissieBanner, sign
NehemyaNehemyah, NehemiaComfort of God
NefthaliNephthali, NeftaliMy struggle
NymphasNymphaios, NymfaBridegroom
NereusNereos, NereoWater
NekhemiaNechemya, NakhemiaComfort of God
NavaNavas, NawaBeautiful
NicanNikan, NicannPure
NeroliNerolie, NerolyOrange Blossom
NigeliaNigelia, NigelliaChampion
NielNielo, NieleChampion
NicheNichy, NicheyVictory of the people
NiloNile, NileeChampion
NilesNyle, NileChampion
NilsonNilsson, NeilsonSon of champion
NivenNeiven, NivienHoly, blessed
NixonNixxon, NixenMariner
NobNobe, NobbeHigh place

Well, that’s a wrap on our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with N. We hope these names have filled your thoughts with divine inspiration, nudging you closer to that perfect choice. Don’t forget, there are plenty more baby name lists waiting for you on our site, each one crafted to inspire and delight. Happy naming!

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