50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With N: A Guide for Expecting Moms

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is one of the first gifts you get to give her. Our collection of ’50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With N’ captures the beauty of biblical names, blending tradition with uniqueness, just for you.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With N

Several accomplished women have graced the world with biblical names beginning with N. Notable figures like Naomi Campbell, the British supermodel, and Noa Tishby, the influential Israeli actress, artist, and producer, bring distinction to these beautiful names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NaomiNaomie, NomiPleasantness, beauty, agreeable
NoaNoah, NoamMovement, motion
NeimaNeimah, NeymaA melody or pleasant song
NessaNessy, NesaMiracle
NereaNereah, NeereaLamp of God
NoelleNoel, NoellaChristmas
NeriaNeriah, NeriyaLamp of God
NaimaNaimah, NaymaCalm, tranquil
NitaNeeta, NitahPlant
NuraNoura, NooraLight, radiance
NasyaNasia, NaysiaMiracle of God
NitzanaNitzanah, NitsanaBlossom, flower
NiliNilee, NeiliThe glory of God
NetanyaNetanyah, NethaniaGift of God
NeritNerith, NerytCandle, light
NiritNirith, NiretPlanted field
NiliyahNeiliyah, NiliyaOne who is the glory of God
NehoraiNehora, NehorayLight, enlightenment
NavahNavahh, NavaBeautiful, desirable
NiryaNiriya, NireyaPlowed field
NeorahNeorahh, NeoraLight, luminosity
NitzaNitzaa, NitsaFlower bud, blossom
NitzahNitsahBlossom, victory
NitzanNitsan, NitzenBud, sprout
NeziahNezyah, NezeahSeparated, consecrated
NizzanaNizzanah, NizanaTo blossom
NogaNogah, NoghaBrightness, brilliance
NiviNivee, NivyExpression, phrase
NogahNogha, NogahhBrightness, daylight
NehiraNehirah, NeyraLight, lamp
NeevaNeevah, NivaExpression, utterance
NesiaNesyah, NeseahMiracle, journey
NiahNiyah, NeeyahPurpose, will
NoyaNoyahDivine beauty
NeeharikaNiharikaDew drops
NavitNavith, NavytLovely, beautiful
NafiahNafya, NafiyaProfitable, beneficial
NavaNavahBeauty, pleasantness
NaavaNaavah, NavaBeautiful, pleasant
NataniaNatanja, NatanyaGive by God
NavinaNavine, NaveenaNew
NereidaNereyda, NereideSea nymph
NaiaraNaiarah, NaiyaraReference to the Virgin Mary
NitzanitNitsanitLittle bud
NoyaNoyahBeauty, grace
NechamaNechamah, NachamaComfort, compassion

As we wrap up our list of ’50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With N,’ we can’t help but feel excited for your name-picking journey. Thank you for letting us be a part of this special phase. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more of our baby name ideas on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name for your little one!

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