50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With M: Choosing an Inspirational Legacy

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Hey there, beautiful mama-to-be! Picking a name for your newborn is one of the first and most thrilling milestones in your journey. Our list of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with ‘M’ is here to guide you through a world filled with faith, tradition, and timeless beauty.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With M

Numerous noteworthy figures have gracefully worn biblical baby names beginning with ‘M’. Esteemed actresses like Meryl Streep (Meryl, a variant of Mary, which means ‘beloved’) and Michaela Conlin (Michaela, the feminine form of Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’) echo the strength and splendor of these names. These remarkable women not only inspire with their talent but also through the power of their names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MiriamMary, Maria, MiriamneSea of Sorrow
MarthaMarta, MathaLady, Mistress
MagdalaMadeline, Madelyn, MagdaHigh Tower
MahlahMahala, Mahlah, MahalathDisease
MedadMidad, MeidadLove
MerabMerav, MeraIncrease
MichalMikhal, MichelleWho is Like God
MahalathMahlah, MahalathLute
MichahMicha, MicahWho is Like God
MehetabelMehitabel, MehetabelGod Benefits
MirmaMyrrh, MirraMyrrh
MahlonMahal, MahlonSick
MaralahMarla, MarlanaEnd
MoabMoav, MoabitisFrom His Father
MeshullamMashullam, MeshullamethRepaid
MicaiahMichaiah, MikaiahWho is Like God
MalchiahMalchia, MalkiahMy King is God
MaachahMaacha, MaakahOppression
MoadiahModaiah, MoadiaGod’s Ornaments
MorehMorah, MoraihTeacher
MatredMatra, MatreiWand of Government
MatriMatri, MatraiRain
MelatiahMelatia, MeletiaGod has Delivered
MaaziahMaziah, MeazaihAnger of God
MakazMakaza, MakasaEnd
MegiddoMegida, MeggidoHis Precious Fruit
MirmahMirma, MermahBitterness
Migdal-GadMigdal, MigdalaiTower
MarothMaruth, MarrothBitterness
MorehMori, MoreiRain
MizpahMizpa, MitzpahWatchtower
MeremothMeremot, MereimothElevation
MahaziothMahaz, MahazioVisions
Migdal-ElMigdael, MegdaelTower of God
MiniaminMini, MiniaminFrom the Right Hand
MaadaiMaad, MaadanOrnament
MijaminMijamin, MijamineFrom the Right Hand
MaadiahMaadyah, MaadiaOrnament of God
MahanaimMahan, MahanaiTwo Camps
MaazMaaza, MaazahWood
MeshillemithMeshillem, MeshillemithRecompense
MishalMishael, MishailParable
MushiMushai, MushaDrawn Out
MoriahMoraih, MoriyaSeen by God
MozaMozah, MozzaFountain
MeleaMelia, MelaeaSupplied
MelchiMelchia, MelchieMy King

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with ‘M’. Each name is a blend of tradition, spirituality, and love, ready to be passed on to your little bundle of joy. Feel like exploring more? Check out the wide array of baby name idea lists on our site and let your heart lead the way to the perfect name for your baby!

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