Discover 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With M That Tell a Story

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Choosing a name for your little one is such a thrilling, yet daunting task! You want it to be unique, meaningful, and something that truly echoes your joy. Herein, we’ve curated a list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With M that blend faith, virtue, and charm.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With M

Biblical names starting with M have graced many influential figures. Take Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, whose name means “warlike” in Latin and is also the name of a Gospel author. Then, there’s Matthew McConaughey, bearing a name that signifies ‘Gift of God’. Even renowned poet Maya Angelou, whose name originally was Marguerite, a variant of Miriam, means ‘wished-for child’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MicahMika, Mikah, MeikaWho is like God?
MalachiMalakai, Malakhi, MalachyMy messenger
MatthewMatt, Mateo, MathieuGift of God
MarkMarc, Marco, MarcusWarlike
MosesMoise, Moshe, MoseDrawn out of the water
MordecaiMordy, Mordi, MortFollower of Marduk
MichaelMike, Mikey, MiguelWho is like God?
MeshachMesheck, Meshak, MeeshachGuest of a king
ManoahManoach, Manaoh, ManoRest, quiet
MarcusMarc, Mark, MarkusPolite, shining
MagnusMag, Magus, ManasGreat
MartiusMarty, Marti, MartusWarlike
MalachMaleach, Malakh, MalakMessenger, angel
MelechMel, Melek, MalekKing
MelchiorMelki, Melchor, MelkerCity of the king
MephiboshethMefiboshet, Mefivoshet, MefyvoshetFrom the mouth of shameful waters
MerariMerar, Merariy, MirariBitter, to provoke
MethuselahMethushelach, MetushelakhMan of the dart
MicaiahMikhayahu, Mickiah, MycahWho is like Yahweh?
MoriahMoryah, Moriyah, MorriahChosen by Yahweh
MahlonMahlan, Mahlen, MaelonSickness, disease
MalcamMalkam, Maelcam, MalecamTheir king
MattaniahMattanyahu, Mattenai, MattanGift of Yahweh
MelchizedekMelchisedec, Melkizedek, MelkhizedekKing of righteousness
MeredMeredy, Merid, MeridRebellion
MicaiMikai, Maikai, MikaWho is like Yahweh?
MigdolMegdol, Migidol, MigdalTower, great
MijaminMijamin, Miamin, MigaminRight hand
MoadiahMoadiyah, Moadeah, MoadiaAppointed by Yahweh
MordecaiMordy, Mort, MordiServant of Marduk
MaaseiahMaaseyah, Masiah, MaasiaWork of Yahweh
MahalathMahalat, Mahlat, MahlathLyre, instrument
MalchusMalkus, Malcus, MalcosMy king
MeahMea, Mia, MiahHundred
MahalelelMahalalel, Mahalal, MahalelPraise of God
MatredMatrad, Matrud, MatridWand of government
MachiMaki, Matchi, MakhiWho is like Yahweh?
MibsamMibsahm, Mibsamn, MibsamhFragrant
MibzarMibzah, Mibzarh, MubzarFortress
MechirMecher, Mehir, MecherPrice
MoadMoadh, Moady, MoadiAssembly
MezahabMezahib, Mezahaab, MezhabGilded
MushiMusi, Mushai, MusheTo take away
MibharMibar, Mibhahr, MibharhChosen
MallothiMallothie, Mallothai, MalothiFullness
MaazMazz, Maazh, MaazzRefuge
MizzahMizzah, Mizah, MisahDespair
MahliMahlie, Mahly, MahaliSick

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With M. Each name is a timeless relic, carrying within it an essence of virtue and wisdom. We hope that this list serves as a beacon of inspiration for you. Don’t forget, we have countless lists of baby name ideas on our site to assist you in this exciting journey of parenthood. Let your child’s name be the first of many enduring gifts you bestow upon them.

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