Select Your Blessing: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With T

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Choosing a name for your little one can feel like an overwhelming responsibility, but it’s also a beautiful opportunity to shape their identity. If you’re one who appreciates the rich narratives of the Bible, our list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With T might just have the perfect choice for your son.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With T

There’s something powerful about sharing a name with accomplished individuals. Thomas Edison, the renowned inventor, and Timothy Dalton, famous James Bond actor, both carry Biblical names beginning with T. Their achievements highlight the unique potentials linked to these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TabTabb, TabeGood, kind
TamarTam, TamarrDate palm tree
ThadThadd, ThadeePraise
ThaddeusThadeus, ThaddyHeart
ThomasTomas, TomassoTwin
TimothyTim, TimoHonoring God
TobiasToby, TobiahGod is good
TobiahTobie, TobyThe Lord is good
TobinTobe, TobynGod is good
TobitTobey, TobiGod is good
ToviTovy, ToviaMy good
TyreTy, TyreeRock
TyrusTy, TyronRock
TauTav, TawGood
TamirTameer, TamyTall
TevinTev, TevanGood, fair
TerahTara, TeraTo breathe, scent
TitusTito, TitanPleasing
TomerTom, TomeranPalm tree
TovielTovie, TovyGod is good
TroyTroi, TroyanFoot soldier
TristamTris, TristenSad
TybaltTy, TybalCourageous people
TyceTyse, TysFiery
TzurielTzu, TzuriGod is my rock
TavorTav, TavorisMisfortune
TereshTere, TerisStrict
TirasTira, TirionDesire
TolaTola, TolanWorm
TubalTub, TubalinoWorld
TyrTy, TyrinGod of battle
TahanTah, TahananEncampment
TarshishTar, TarshiYellow jasper
TekoaTeko, TekoahTrumpet
TeraphimTera, TeraphWorthless things
TharaThar, TharanShe-goat
ThubalThub, ThubalusWorld
TiriaTiri, TirianShe is my delight
TishbiteTish, TishbiCaptivity
ToiToie, ToiaWandering
TrophimusTrophi, TrophNutritious
TychicusTychi, TychusCasual
TyrannusTyran, TyronnusAbsolute ruler
TzephaniahTzeph, TzephaniYahweh has hidden
TzadokTzado, TzadRighteous
TzilahTzila, TziliShady
TzurishaddaiTzur, TzuriThe Almighty is my rock
TzephonTzef, TzephoniNorth

Thank you for journeying with us through this inspiring list of 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With T. We hope we’ve helped spark ideas and make this special task a little easier. Explore more of our baby name lists to continue your naming adventure. After all, your perfect baby name might be just one click away!

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