50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With S: Classic to Contemporary

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Hey there, soon-to-be mama! Choosing your baby’s name is a thrilling part of the journey. Our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with S marries both tradition and modernity, sure to leave you excited and inspired for what’s to come!

Notable People With Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With S

Did you know that many famous figures have Biblical baby boy names beginning with S? Take Stephen King, the master storyteller, or Samuel L. Jackson, the revered actor. These names have not only dominated the Bible, but also the world of fame and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SamuelSam, Sammy“Heard by God”
SolomonSol, Solly“Peace”
SethSet, Sethe“Appointed”
SilasSy, Sly“Forest, Woods”
SimeonSim, Simmy“God has heard”
Shem“Name, Renown”
Saul“Asked for, prayed for”
StephenSteve, Stevie“Crown”
SimonSi, Simo“He has heard”
ShadrachShad“Command of Aku”
SampsonSam, Sammy“Sun”
SalvadorSal, Salva“Savior”
SeraphimSeraph, Sera“Burning Ones”
SpurgeonSpurge, Spur“Little Branch”
SevenSev“Perfection, Completion”
Selah“To Pause, To Praise”
SeraiahSera, Riah“Jehovah is Ruler”
ShubaelShub, Shuby“Returning to God”
SaturninusSaturn, Satu“Gift of Saturn”
SeptimusSep, Septi“Seventh”
SennacheribSenn, Rib“Sin (moon god) has increased brothers”
SheriahSheri, Riah“God has sent”
SargonSarg, Argon“True King”
SuchosSuch, Chos“Crocodile (symbol of Egypt’s Pharaoh)”
SabaothSab, Saba“Hosts, Armies”
SibbechaiSibbe, Chai“Bough, Branch”
SopaterSop, Sopa“Savior of his Father”
StachysStach, Chys“Spike of Grain”
SosthenesSos, Thenes“Safe in Strength”
SilvanusSylvan, Van“Forest, Woods”
SecundusSec, Secun“Second”
ScevaScev, Eva“Left-handed”
SergiusSerge, Sergio“Servant”
SyntycheSyn, Tyche“Fate, Fortune”
SophoniasSoph, Phony“Hidden by Jehovah”
StephanusSteph, Anus“Crown, Honour”
ScheriahSheri, Riah“Price, Value”
SuccothSucc, Ccoth“Tents, Booths”
SeledSele, Led“Exclusion”
SamsonSam, Sammy“Sun”
SargonSarg, Argon“The King is legitimate”
SihonSi, Hon“Sweeping, Destroying”
Seir“Hairy, Shaggy”
SodiSod, Odi“My Secret”
ShereshShere, Resh“Root”
SaraphSara, Raph“Burning One”
SopaterSop, Sopa“Father’s Delight”
ShaphatShaf, Phat“Judge, He has Judged”
ShecaniahShec, Caniah“Jehovah has taken up his habitation in him”

Thank you for exploring with us! We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with S. Naming your baby is a special journey, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists for more brilliant inspiration. Happy naming!

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