50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With T: Timeless & Elegant

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Expecting a baby girl and need a helping hand to navigate the sea of names? Well, honey, you’re in the right place! Dive into our divine list of 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With T and find a name that sings to you.

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With T

Did you know some of our most beloved celebrities and influencers also bear Biblical baby girl names beginning with T? Take for example, Tamara Mowry, renowned actress, and Tamara Ecclestone, successful businesswoman. The name ‘Tamara’ is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘date palm tree’, symbolizing grace and elegance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TabithaTabita, Tabbie“Gazelle”
TamarTamara, Tammy“Date Palm Tree”
TirzahThirza, Tirtsa“She is my delight”
TalithaTalita, Talisha“Little Girl”
TryphenaTryphina, Trifina“Delicate, soft”
TryphosaTryphosia, Trifosa“Delicate, soft”
ThaddeaThaddia, Thaddea“Praise”
TahliaTalia, Talya“Dew from God”
TaloraTalori, Taloria“God’s dew”
TemperanceTempie, Tempe“Moderation, Restraint”
TrumaTrumah, Trumma“Gift, Offering”
TaphathTaphat, Tafath“Dripping”
TzipporahTziporah, Zipporah“Bird”
TimnahTimna, Tinna“Restraint”
TovaTovah, Toova“Good”
TammyTamie, Tammie“Twin”
TamikaTamicka, Tameeka“People”
TarynTarryn, Taren“From Taurus”
TanaTanna, Tanah“Body”
TunnaTuna, Tonna“Gift, Present”
TayaTayah, Taia“House”
TikvaTikvah, Tiqua“Hope”
ThaliaThalya, Thalie“Joyous muse”
TehilaTehilla, Tehillah“Song of praise”
ToviaToviya, Tovea“The Lord is Good”
ThirzaThirzah, Thyrza“Delightful”
TharaTharah, Tharra“Wealthy”
TashaTashia, Tash“Born on Christmas day”
TovaTovah, Tovia“Good”
TalTall, Talie“Morning dew”
TsilaTzila, Tsilah“Shadow”
TikvahTikva, Tiquah“Hope”
ThomaThooma, Thomah“Twin”
TzofiaTzofiya, Tsophia“Observing, Watching”
TzufitTsufit, Tzoufit“Hummingbird”
TzionaTzionah, Tsiona“Highest point”
TsiporaTsippora, Tsiporah“Bird”
TzirelTzira, Tziri“God is my rock”
TzuriaTzuriya, Tzuriah“God is my rock”
TzurielTsuriel, Tzurial“God is my rock”
TahelTahal, Tahyl“Innocent”
TalyTali, Talie“Dew from god”
TomaTomma, Tooma“Twin”
TzeitelTzeitl, Tzeitul“Noble, Aristocratic”
TzilaTsila, Tsilah“Shadow”
TirzaTirzah, Thirza“Pleasant”
TirtzaTartza, Thirtza“Favorable”
TeholaTeholah, Teholla“Praised”
TeklaTeklah, Teklia“God’s Glory”
ThabithaTabitha, Thabita“Gazelle”

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our fascinating journey through 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With T. We hope one of these sparkling gems has struck a chord with you. Thank you for exploring with us and remember – the naming journey is as unique as your little one will be. Continue to seek inspiration throughout our site, filled with countless charming, meaningful baby names. Happy naming!

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