50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with V to Adore

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Hey there, future momma! If you’re dipping your toes in the wonderful sea of baby naming, we’ve got something special for you. Fancy exploring some vibrant and unique Australian girl names starting with V?

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Victoria, a regal name from our list, has a rich history. Victoria Beckham, a globally recognized designer and former Spice Girl, is just one example of a woman who carries this exquisite name, embodying elegance and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VictoriaVicki, ToriVictory
2. VioletViPurple flower
3. ValerieValStrength, Health
4. VanessaNessaButterfly
5. VivienneViviLife
6. VeraTruth
7. VerityTruth
8. VenusLove, Beauty
9. ViolaViViolet
10. VeronaTruth
11. VivianViviAlive
12. VernaSpring green
13. VesperEvening star
14. VegaFalling star
15. ValenciaValBrave, Strong
16. ValeryValTo be strong
17. VeronaTruth
18. VelmaWilled helmet
19. VedaKnowledge, Wisdom
20. ValeskaSplendid leader
21. VivecaPlace of refuge
22. VerenaProtective
23. VenetiaFrom Venice
24. ValliStrong, Health
25. VioletteViolet
26. ValeriaValStrength, Health
27. VanyaGod is gracious
28. ValoraBrave, Courageous
29. VerushkaFaith
30. VondaWanderer
31. VetaLife
32. VellmaProtector
33. VegaFalling star
34. ValinaStrong, Vibrant
35. VilmaResolute protector
36. VandaWand, Family
37. VirnaEternal youth
38. VivaAlive, Lively
39. VerlaTruth
40. ValdisGoddess of the dead
41. ValeneStrong, Healthy
42. VibekeLittle woman
43. VedisGoddess of wisdom
44. VickiVictory
45. VannaGod is gracious
46. VloraA city in Albania
47. VondaWanderer
48. VivicaLife
49. VelvetSoft, Smooth
50. VernaSpring

Thanks for joining us on this special journey through our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with V! We hope it brought you closer to finding that perfect name for your little princess. Keep your excitement alive and check out more unique baby name ideas on our site. Happy Naming!

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