50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with W: For The Win!

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Hey there, mama! So, the baby’s room is getting all set up, the excitement is in the air, now all you need is the perfect name. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up 50 Australian baby boy names, all beginning with the wonderful letter W, just for you!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WadeWaid, Wayde“River crossing”
2. WaldoWalden“Rule”
3. WallaceWallis“Foreigner, stranger”
4. WalterWalt, Wally“Army ruler”
5. WarrenWarrin, Waren“Park-keeper”
6. WarwickWarwyk“Strong leader who defends”
7. WatsonWatt“Son of Walter”
8. WayneWaine, Wain“Wagon builder”
9. WebbWeb“Weaver”
10. WesleyWes, Westly“Western meadow”
11. WilburWilber“Bright, resolute”
12. WilfredWilfrid, Wilf“Desires peace”
13. WilliamWill, Bill, Billy“Resolute protector”
14. WillisWills“Resolute protector”
15. WilsonWilsson“Son of Will”
16. WindsorWin, Winzer“Riverbank with a winch”
17. WinstonWinstone“Joy stone”
18. WyattWyat, Whyatt“Little warrior”
19. WycliffWycliffe“White cliff”
20. WynnWyn, Win“Friend”
21. WakeWak“Watchman”
22. WallisWallice“From Wales”
23. WaltonWeltun“From the walled town”
24. WardWarde“Watchman”
25. WeaverWever“To weave”
26. WestWestbrook“From the western stream”
27. WhitleyWhitely“White meadow”
28. WickhamWikkham“From the village meadow”
29. WileyWyley“Crafty”
30. WilmerWilmar“Famous desire”
31. WindsorWinsor“From the river’s side”
32. WintonWynton“From Wine’s farm”
33. WoodrowWoodroe“Row of houses by the wood”
34. WorthyWorthie“Valued”
35. WrayWrai“Dweller by the corner”
36. WyndhamWindham“From the windy village”
37. WainwrightWainright“Wagon maker”
38. WhitfordWhitferd“From the white ford”
39. WiltonWillton“From the farm by the spring”
40. WindsorWinsor“From the river’s side”
41. WycliffeWyclif“From the white cliff”
42. WhitlockWhitlok“White lock”
43. WulfricWulfrick“Wolf power”
44. WinslowWinsloe“Friend’s hill”
45. WoodsonWoodsson“Son of Wood”
46. WrigleyWrigly“From the meadow with the ridge”
47. WytheWyth“Willow tree”
48. WorthWorthe“Enclosure”
49. WaldronWaldran“Ruler”
50. WashingtonWasington“Settlement associated with Wassa”

Thanks for embarking on this exciting journey with us, exploring 50 Australian baby boy names that start with W. Remember, a name is a special gift you give to your child, one that’ll accompany them throughout their life. Feeling inspired? Dive deeper and check out more of our unique baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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