50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting With W: Win the Name Game

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Hey mama-to-be! We know you’re eagerly waiting for your little princess. As you dream about her adorable smiles and tiny toes, have you thought about what to name your bundle of joy? Well, we have a treat for you! Discover 50 beautiful Australian baby girl names starting with the enchanting letter W.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Did you know that notable Aussie women like Wendy Hughes, Wilhelmina Wylie, and Wendy Stapleton all share a common thread? Their names start with the wonderful letter ‘W’! These leading ladies from the worlds of film, sports, and music inspire us, and their names can bring that spark to your little one’s life too.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WandaWandah, Vanda“Wanderer”
2. WaverlyWaverley“Meadow of quivering aspens”
3. WendyWendie, Wendi“Friend”
4. WhitneyWhittney, Whitni“White island”
5. WillowWillo, Willa“Freedom; tree name”
6. WinonaWenona, Wynona“Firstborn daughter”
7. WinterWynter“The season winter”
8. WrenWrenn, Wrenna“Small bird”
9. WynneWynn, Win“Fair, pure”
10. WilmaWilna, Wilmarie“Resolute protector”
11. WinifredWinnie, Freda“Blessed peacemaking”
12. WilhelminaMina, Wilma“Resolute protection”
13. WalkerWalkyr“Cloth walker”
14. WallisWalliss, Wallice“From Wales”
15. WandaWandie, Wandy“Shepherdess; wanderer”
16. WardaWardah“Guardian”
17. WaverlyWavie, Verly“Quaking aspen”
18. WendaWendah“Wanderer”
19. WesleeWeslia, Weslie“West meadow”
20. WhitleyWhitlie, Whitly“White meadow”
21. WildaWelda, Wylda“Untamed”
22. WillaWillah“Resolute protection”
23. WilloughbyWillouby“From the willow farm”
24. WilonaWilonah, Wilone“Desired”
25. WindsorWindsora, Winsor“Riverbank with a winch”
26. WynellWynelle, Wynnelle“Fair bow; blessed ring”
27. WynnifredWinifred“Friend of peace”
28. WyomeWyomee, Wyomia“Wide plain”
29. WysteriaWistaria, Wisteria“Wistaria vine”
30. WestinaWestine, Westyna“From the western town”
31. WileenWyleen, Wylynn“Resolute protection”
32. WilnaWilnah, Wilnae“Desired”
33. WinsletWinslette, Winsletta“Wynn’s channel”
34. WhitneeWhitni, Whitnea“White island”
35. WyndiWyndee, Wyndie“Winding valley”
36. WyettaWyeta, Wyettah“War strength”
37. WeldaWeldah, Wellda“Ruler”
38. WesterleighWesterlee“Western meadow”
39. WilletteWillet, Willetta“Little resolute one”
40. WyanetWyannet, Wyanetta“Beautiful”
41. WondaWondah, Wondra“Wanderer”
42. WynafredWynafreed, Wynafreeda“Friend of peace”
43. WylieWylee, Wyliee“Charming, beguiling”
44. WyndraWyndrah, Wyndrea“Winding valley”
45. WyomeWyomee, Wyomia“Wide plain”
46. WynneshaWynneisha, Wynneshea“Fair, blessed friend”
47. WyanneWyann, Wyan“Beautiful”
48. WindaWindah“Huntress”
49. WynellWynelle, Wynnelle“Fair bow; blessed ring”
50. WyldaWyldah“Untamed”

Thank you for joining us on this journey of finding the perfect name for your little one. We hope our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with W has stirred your imagination. Remember, your baby’s name is a precious gift that will be part of their identity. Keep exploring our other baby name lists and find the one that speaks to you. Happy naming!

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